Through The Eyes of The Mother

He stands before the world, and he does not stand much of a chance,
to overcome the adversity of his circumstance.
He is just a prodigal in a world that knows no grace,
for all the world sees when it looks at Tyron is a bad statistic in the human race.
The cop just shook his head when he saw the criminal of the law,
and the preacher over looked him in his holy cause.
The teacher saw a waste of time on her agenda for the day,
and the neighbor clinched his fist at the good for nothing in his way.
The world just saw a statistic to sweep underneath a rug,
so why is it any wonder why Tyron just gave up.
Yet, through the eyes of the mother, there is a different view.
She does not see a statistic,a criminal, nor a fool.
She sees beyond the world's half hearted kind of man.
The kind only a mother would truly understand.
She does not shake her head, nor clinch her angry fist.
She only holds her heart when she looks at him.
She sees half of boy in this half hearted man,
and  she would gladly give all her heart if it would give him half a chance.
She does not look through the eyes of the world, but through the heart's eyes,
where there lies an unconditional love that needs no reasons why.
There are no statistics in this world of the heart and soul.
There is only compassion that freely gives, love,grace,and hope.
How different of a world could we discover,
if we would view everyone through the eyes of the mother.

There is no king who has not had a slave among his ancestors, and no slave who has not had a king among his.

Helen Keller


  1. So so true Carrie...a mother sees the whole world as possiblity for her child...and her love is amazingly true....very nice write on the subject..bkm

  2. This is beautiful Carrie. I am thankful that the Father sees us with those eyes too.

  3. Bkm i just loved your poem...thank you for stopping by to read mine...and you are so right a mother's love is amazingly true! :-)

    Hi Linda i am glad you liked it...and yes the Father sees us through those unconditional eyes as well...what a blessing that is! :-)

  4. Very true, Carrie. A friend of mine today was talking about the lone shooter in Austin, who ended up killing no one but himself. She said, "He's someone's baby." Defintitely made me think...

  5. I really enjoyed yours Mary...and that is so true...he was someone's really does make you thing indeed...

  6. Such an emotional poem,Carrie. Our mother's never forget their babies, whether theirs or someone elses. So very fair!

  7. Both your poem and Mary's comment made me think.

  8. love your wondrous mind,
    beautiful poem,
    full of emotions and twists.

  9. An amazing post, Carrie, just beautifully written! Perhaps we need to look through the heart's eyes more often...:)

  10. carrie, this is a beautiful post. indeed, things would be different if everyone saw things through the eyes of a mother. :)

  11. This is a beautiful post..
    I read it like 3 times just to make sure that I got myself understood properly..♥

  12. Thank you everyone for reading it...I think that Mary's comment really added to the thoughts in this one. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! :-)

  13. I love reading your posts. May God Bless You.

  14. Well, I loved every minute ofthis read - I LOVE the image above, and the quote. And your poem has such truth and sadness in it. Some people truly dont have much of a chance, especially if they get labeled young. Thank heavens this young man has his mother to believe in him. Beautiful write. I love this week's topic and all the perspectives. I think we all have kind hearts!

  15. "God must have loved the ordinary man. He made so many of them." Abe Lincoln.
    Everyone should spend an hour or two in a court of petty sessions and then stroll over to an employment agency just to see the pathetic stream of what we call battlers and some call losers. They all have, or had mothers and fathers. I have one of those battlers too and it breaks my heart every day.
    Thank you Carrie too, for reminding us 'we are all leaves on the same tree'.
    Seemed appropriate too that the leaf in that prompt was one that had fallen!

  16. Thank you JT for stopping by with kind words. :-)

    Sherry you always are so encouraging, and yes this topic was a wonderful one. :-)

    Stafford I understand all too well your heart break...I think about your burden everyday, when I think on mine. God bless you. :-)

  17. Incredible these things...I try to see people as if they were the little chilchen they once were... and it works! I mean that way it's impossible to hate or judge or get angry to because you see them with other eyes... like those of a mother

    Your poem just reminded me of that...


  18. Unconditional love, like that of a mother, could be the cure for so many ills in the world...

  19. Dulce your true sence of love flows from your beautiful blog...that is a wonderful way to look at poeple as they were as a little child. I love that! :-)

    Penny you are so right about would cure so many ills in this world...thank you for stopping by. :-)

  20. Wow, this poem touches me deeply. Thanks for writing it. The quotes are perfect.

  21. such truth in those words-lovely Wouldnt it be nice if we all saw through those eyes?

  22. Just beautiful, Carrie. you really ask us to reassess our viewpoint before we judge people.

  23. Thank you Judy,Kathe, and Kerry for stopping by and reading it...hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday! :-)

  24. Wow Carrie! I do love the way you weave those words!

  25. Thank you Greenfingers, i feel the same way about yours! So glad you stopped by. Hope you are doing well. :-)

  26. you are right - sometimes it needs much more love and a second look for the people around us

    also like the quote of helen keller, a fantastic woman she was

  27. Carrie beautiful poem!
    Love the Helen Keller quote!

  28. Hi Carrie, what can I add that hasn't been said? You and your poems are awesome, take care,


  29. Thank you Claudia for stopping by and following my blog...i truly love yours! :-)

    Hi Pamela so glad you stopped by...and yes i love that quote as well. :-)

    Hi Bob, you are too kind....I think you and everyone else at Poets United are awesome as well...i have made some wonderful friends. :-)

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  31. A wonderful poem, Carrie, to make us stop and think about how we see others. I often look at people who appear to be less blessed than I, or who are "rough" around the edges, or who seem displaced in our world. I ask my self how they get the way they are, and I try to find compassion for what they must have wanted for themselves. I have to admit I'm not always successful in guiding my thoughts to compassion. It's a difficult task for us as individuals and for societies in general.

    Your writing makes me think, and look inward.


  32. I understand completely Rick...we all struggle with this...thank you so much for stopping by and reading it...:-)

  33. carrie,
    your son is struggling it seems. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Keep writing so you know you aren't alone and so others in the same type of situation know that they aren't alone either. And if you are anything like me, writing is good therapy! Your beautiful words show us what a wonderful, loving spirit you have! thank you.

  34. Hello Carrie,
    I have been away for a long weekend break, so I am a little bit late making my comments.
    Your poem is loaded with emotion. The emotion which supersedes everything, when it is your child, at whatever age.
    A very powerful piece of writing for the Thursday prompt Carrie.
    Best wishes, Eileen

  35. Thank you She Said for your words of encouragment, and yes writing is good are so sweet. :-)

    Hi Eileen so glad you stopped by...i know i do not have a computer so getting caught up with my reading and comments can be hard sometimes. Glad you liked this poem. Hope you both have a wonderful week! :-)

  36. Carrie this poem spoke straight to my heart & now my cheeks are wet with tears. As a mother of a son whom is living with a mental illness, I totally understand this unconditional & patient love. My son's illness is managed well now but there were years of struggle in the past where I had to look into my heart & into his, to see past the symptoms of his illness & see the beautiful man that lay within.

  37. Katherine i am so glad that he is doing better...i know that has to be a hard thing to go through...thank you for your wonderful encouragment! :-)


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