Grandma's Way

Memory is a child walking along a seashore.  You never can tell what small pebble it will pick up and store away among its treasured things.  ~Pierce Harris

There once was an old lady with hair a light shade of blue.
Her face was slowly falling and her heart was tried but true.

She loved to feed the alley cats and tell them of her dreams.
She squatted in her lilly garden to plant her plastic queens.

I loved to hear her stories of life and days gone by.
Her voice was soft and wistful that never told a lie.

Her manner was truly graceful as she tied her sheer pink scarf.
Her words were always gentle as she touched you with her heart.

She prayed over my pillow, and cast her faith on high.
She always looked so peaceful when she glanced up at the sky.

Her hands were warm and true when she brushed my tangled hair,
and she always intently listened to all my hopes and cares.

She lived her life truly smiling, day after day.
A rainbow in the storm, that was just her way.

Even though she is gone now, and is beyond my reach,
Grandma will always be the reason I hold on to my dreams.

A tribute to the memory of my Grandma and her wonderful ways.


  1. Wonderful write and from what I've read here a very fitting tribute. Love and Light, Sender

  2. These words resonate with the reader, Carrie. You have written so sensitively about a woman so dear to you and reminded us of our own mortality.

  3. Carrie, what a wonderfully warm poem about your grandmother. From what I read of your poetry, I can see her strong influence. I especially like, "A rainbow in the storm, that was just her way."

  4. This is so endearingly beautiful, Carrie. A tender and moving tribute to your grandmother.

  5. A wonderful tribute! Awesome post! =)


  6. Great work. It sounds like you were inspired by someone special. Lucky you.

  7. Thank you everyone for your sweet comments... i have really enjoyed reading everyone's take on the prompt. :-)

  8. OH Carrie,
    Where will we be without our grandmas...

  9. What a wonderful tribute, you can feel the tenderness in your words.

  10. Yes, Ninotaziz, both our grandmas played a big role in our growing up years....her words and ways are etched upon my heart. :-)

    Thank you Singer for stopping by and reading it.

  11. How proud your grandmother would be that you carry on her graceful, gentle ways and have become a rainbow yourself...

  12. Oh What a beautiful tribute to that LADY your grandma...
    I wish I got to look at the sky that way one day...

    It's lovely to listen to the old telling their stories, they are almost as if fictitious or magical... no matter all they had to suffer at their time...


  13. Carrie..this is beautiful. You painted a wonderful picture of your grandma...I can see her..

  14. Wonderful poem. Grandmas are special! So well written and expressed. Thank you!

  15. I had a special grandma, too. The other day, my husband said, "Boy you have a lot of your grandmother in you. She had a profound influence on you!"

    It's true, and as time goes on and I get older, I see more and more the difference it made.

  16. there is nothing like a blessed grandma...i had one glad i did...bkm

  17. Thank you each and everyone of you for reading it...she was a special influence in my life, and i can tell that is true for so many others of you. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! :-)

  18. Carrie,
    A true tribute to a wonderful lady. Grandmas are always special.
    I loved your words, so much.


  19. Thank you Eileen, and you are right Grandmas are always special. Hope you have a wonderful weekend! :-)

  20. 'she always intently listened to all my hopes and cares'. That's what grandmas are for. So well written... rhyme and rhythm too!

  21. Your Grandma was an amazing woman with a delightful approach to all things! I think you are like her, Carrie

  22. Carrie this was a beautiful tribute to your grandma .. Your grandma sounds like she was the epitome of everything a grandma should be. Sounds like an amazing woman & it would seem that you have inherited her spirit as well Carrie. She would be proud!!

  23. what a beautiful tribute to your grandma!! Thanks for stopping by and leaving me sweet comments Carrie!

  24. What sweet memories you have of your grandmother. She is described so clearly in your poem that I think I can see her myself.

    I'm adding the Harris quote to my quote book. It's a keeper.

  25. Thank you everyone for your wonderful comments...Steviewren it is a wonderful quote istn't it...:-)

  26. how great to have a grandmother like this
    my fav line was
    "A rainbow in the storm, that was just her way"
    such a fantastic way to live a life - like a rainbow in the!

  27. Beautiful poem and a wonderful grandma! I almost wrote about mine this week too. One of the most influential characters of my life. I, too, loved the rainbow inthe storm line - how wonderful that she is remembered that way - a real legacy of love. Wonderfully written, thank you!

  28. Grandmothers are special folks indeed...enjoyed reading your memories.

  29. What a lovely tribute to your grandmother. It sounds like she has a big part in your life as you grew up just as mine did.

  30. I can see your grandmother in her garden and in your heartfelt words.

  31. Merci for your comment.
    I am leaving for Elba soon.
    En attendant je vous envoie mes meilleures pensées.

  32. I love this piece, especially the line others have smiled at - A rainbow in the storm. You have some gorgeous photos on so many post as well, and I'm wondering if you took them?


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