The Child Speaks

The child will freely stare,
but the adult will merely glance.

The child always goes eagerly out on a limb,
but the adult steps out carefully afraid to fall.

The child asks simply for one reason why,
but the adult preoccupies with the answers to it all.

The child embraces love whole heartedly,
but the adult slowly touches it scared it will
swallow them whole.

The child speaks his mind honestly,
but the adult only says what he cares to show.


  1. A charming poem, Carrie, and quite accurate.

  2. Hi JZ thank you for stopping by and reading it. :-)

  3. Love it and yes it does fit this prompt perfectly...a child's heart is so full of the bubble in the prompt --with it you can just float away...blessings...bkm

  4. Hi Bkm...just love your prompt is awesome! :-)

  5. Carrie,
    I love the contrast between the adult perspective and that of the child. I suppose it points out how as adults, we do not take, or have enough time. The innocence of a child, captured so well.
    Lovely words Carrie,

  6. Thank you Eileen...your sweet comments always make my day. :-)

  7. super creative comparison of a child and an adult...
    beautifully done.

  8. your words are so true. As I "grew up" I lost those child-like qualities only to relearn them all over again after experiencing enough pain in adulthood.

  9. Being a Monday's child myself, I could not but be charmed by this exquisite poem.

  10. I like the comparisons, that's pretty cool.
    I've never seen that style successfully pulled off before(: Nice.

  11. yes yes, the old child/adult struggle depicted very well.


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  13. Very accurate..
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