Bad Has No Color

Bad has no color
ugly has no face
jealousy has no honor
judgement has no grace
rightiousness has no medals
integrity has no lies
love has no expectations
humility has no pride
mercy has no limitations
wisdom has no haste
anger has no whispers
mankind has no race
ignorance has no eyes
hate has no place
for bad has nor color
and beauty has no face.


  1. Hi Carrie,

    I love how you write that both beauty and ugly has no face. I really enjoyed the poem and I also think the photo really ties it all together.

  2. love this reminds me that everything just is... we are the ones who label it..bkm

  3. One of my favourite of yours, Carrie. The rhythm and structure are excellent, and the philosophy and meaning you express are truly profound. "mankind has no has no face" - amazing.

  4. this is a most excellent write and the perfect pic to go with it...i would say beauty has every face, if you are willing to look...smiles. nice one shot!

  5. "wisdom has no haste"

    I needed to hear this. Thank you.


  6. The line that stands out for me is "love has no expectation." That's a tough nut.

    Lots of wisdom here indeed!

  7. There's a lot of wisdom in these lines. Lots of life lessons. Beautiful poem.

  8. WISE lines ..great picture..amazing one shot! i think this one is a raw beauty..BRAVO!

  9. Great post! I will be surfing around your blog to find your other gems.

  10. Dearest Carrie,
    I hope you do not get offended if I say, it was almost as if I was reading my own poetry.

    This is something I feel echoes my thought exactly.

    You are not mad, are you?

    And having said that, I agree with Gloria - I needed to hear this! Thank you Carrie.

  11. I loved this poem - the two lines that stand out for me are those about jealousy and judgement.

  12. Bad has no color

    This line resonates with me in a place I wasn't aware of until now. Your poem has awakened something in me. Thank you, such a gift

    It is such a challenge to write about the "big" stuff (love,hate,race,etc) in a concrete manner that conveys emotional depth and authenticity.

    Brilliant, powerful and stunning (and the pic!)

  13. Great write. Love how you started with "ugly has no face" and ended with "beauty has no face"

  14. Wow Carrie, this exudes such grace in realizing no one should judge. Many pearls in this one...I loved it! Great photo~ I think you should win for the week! Perhaps enter this in a competition!!! It is thought provoking~

  15. I like this poem's message and style!

    I thought you were going to juxtapose the last two lines against the first two:

    "for good has no color
    and beauty has no face"

  16. wow - enjoyed reading this carrie…love has no expectations…good reminder as i find i often expect too much from the people i love...

  17. Carrie,
    This is beautiful. It made me tear up.
    I guess it's the power of the truth in the words above. :Beauty has no face." So true.

  18. incredible, bold, beauty. love this, friend. hope you can join me for imperfect prose. xo

  19. Thank you so much everyone for reading it...your comments always make my day! :-)
    I am truly excited about imperfect prose Emily...will be there soon. Thank you for your friendship. :-)

  20. beautiful words - so much truth

  21. Good one, Carrie. I particularly like how you circle back at the end.

  22. brilliant,
    frank but extraordinary write.

  23. The structure and beat of this poem is quite something Carrie, I really like it.

  24. Great post and very true everything is as should be. Nice one shot~

  25. Well written. Rich in thought and structure. - Bill

  26. This is great- something everyone should read and understand-wonderful wisdom!

  27. I read this a few days ago and had to come back after my own post went up on Magpie. This beautiful poem is a neat summation of truisms we should all aspire to express in how we live!


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