I am not a river, for sometimes I must turn around and go back to where I began.

I am not a feather, for I can stand strong against the wind.

I am not a bridge, for there are times I cannot hold everything up by myself.

I am not a garden, for I can thrive no matter what the wind blows in.

I am not a sparrow, for sometimes I destroy what I build.

I am not a road map, for I am not always an example of the way to go.

I am  not an ocean, for sometimes my deepest motives become quite shallow.

I am not a diamond, for my value cannot be priced or marked.

I am not a window, for there are times I cannot see beyond my own threshold.

I am not a forest, for sometimes I must get up and walk away alone.

I am not an island, for there are times I must touch something by my side.

I am not an eagle, for I do not always know what I am searching for.

I am not a sunset, for darkness cannot overtake me at every dusk.

I am not a padlocked door, for I am open to what may come.

I am not a rainbow, for my colors leave an enduring mark.


  1. Hi Carrie, some great lines here. You could use one or two as starter lines for new poems.

  2. This is just BEAUTIFUL, every single sentence.
    My favorite line is:
    "I am not a sparrow, for sometimes I destroy what I build."

  3. You are right Gordon i may try that. Thank you. :-)

    Thank you Alexis I hope you both have a great weekend! :-)

  4. Exquisitely expressed 'know your limits' but with recognition of responsibility (you are not a rainbow). Sorry to be the one to tell you this, but wisdom has visited and looks like staying. :-)
    Bravo! When your 'significant others' believe this about you and themselves, peace follows like an armistice.

  5. This is absolutely inspiring! It's so honest about the human condition and strength.

  6. Thank you Stafford you always come bearing encouraging words that i need. I hope you have a great weekend! :-)

    Rockin'Robin, thank you for stopping by and reading it. You and Stafford both inspire me!

  7. You describe humanity as it is - to often our expections of humans leaves them always disappointing....very nice piece your muse served you well....bkm

  8. What else could i say of humanity ? you superbly describe it.

    "I am not a bridge, for there are times I cannot hold everything up by myself." well, there are time when the bridge can't hold everything by itself.

  9. beautiful... so beautiful!! i don't know how you do it but Carrie i simply love your writings and been so blessed each time i visit. Thank you for this great lines.

    thanks for visiting me... your comment ALWAYS lift my spirit up and makes me SMILE.

    Love you!!

    Underneath His Wrapping

  10. Amazing writing as always! I love how you can think out of the box.

  11. carrie, this is breathtaking in it's simplicity and explanation of who you are/aren't...i especially loved the line, 'I am not a padlocked door, for I am open to what may come.' i wish that i could grasp and somehow live this! what an outstanding work!

  12. Dearest Carrie

    I have nominated you for the Pink Awards and would be honoured if you accept it. Thanks!

    Your words continue to amaze me.

    Cheers and have a great weekend.



  13. Hi, Thanks for joining my followers, very much appreciated.

    Loved your post also. amazing words.
    Enjoy your week-end.

  14. Thank you everyone, your warm and sweet comments have made my day. I hope you all have an awesome weekend. :-)
    Ninotaziz you are so sweet...i thank you from the bottom of my heart! :-)

  15. What a great poem!
    You are so talented.

  16. Lovely lovely words! You are a wonderful writer!Thanks for your comment on my blog.

  17. Thoughtful and enchanting poem! Very rich! Very original!

  18. Thank you SuzyQ, Kathew, and Nothingprofound...your comments are a blessing to me. :-)


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