Greater The Loss

Is it the longing for the majestic sunset
for the man that can no longer see?
Or is it the ignorance of the colors
for the woman who has never seen?
Is it the ache for the one now left
with only recollection of years
of mother's embrace?
Or is it the emptiness for the orphan
who cannot recall her face?
Is it the loss of the mighty tree
burning as it falls?
Or is it the lack of the tree
that never stood at all?


  1. carrie, YOU HAVE A COMMENT WINDOW, yippee!!! what you have is so fascinating and i'm glad to finally have the chance to tell you that i love your work!!

  2. Carrie, i'm so in love with your writings! SO glad you turned on the comment...:-)
    God Bless!!

  3. Hi Carrie glad to see that your comments now work (or was it me!)
    This is a really reflective piece, almost sad
    I think that the last two lines for me encapsulate the feeling and spirit of the piece

    "Or is it the lack of the tree
    that never stood at all"

    Mournful but not hopeless, reflective almost sad.

  4. hi, Carrie, came across your blog through ruth's blog ~ underneath His wrapping. love your writing and your pictures. keep it coming...

  5. yea! I can comment and tell you how much I enjoy your writings. This one is so thoughtful. Reminds me of the cliche phrase "I would rather to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all." Hope you have a great weekend!

  6. Thank you Sheri,Ruth,Gwei,Christine, and Marie for all your compliments. I do appreciate them. I have so loved reading everyone's blogs. Everyone has there on style and things to bring to blogger. My comment button was not working for a while, and I did not know it. I had to make a change in my setting to fix it. Hope everyone has a great weekend. :-)

  7. Hi Carrie, I truly enjoyed this and as with most things in life the answers are ultimately subjective. The flow is great and the pic is cool too. C-ya,


  8. Thank you Bob, I appreciate you taking the time to read it. :-)


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