Cement of My Soul

There are times my feet are eager like a river
clumsily following the path easy to flow.
And my eyes are caged like two birds
never reaching the place they were meant to go.
There are times my heart is wavering like a tall oak
that in the storm is so easily swayed.
And my tongue is flickering like a fire
unable to stop the smoke from it's flame.
There are times my hands are reckless like the ocean
never knowing when to hold to the shore or just let go.
Yet, the tears that fall again and again
become the cement of my soul.


  1. So much reflection here - love the holding on to the shore or let go...that is really one I always have to work on...just letting go...enjoyed this much Carrie...bkm

  2. This is a truly beautiful and deep poem. So much to think about here, Carrie.

  3. My favorite lines:

    Yet, the tears that fall again and again
    become the cement of my soul.

    I was born crying real tears, and I still do. How well I understand that those liquid tears are the cement of your soul. A provocative poem!

  4. oh such a dark yet beautiful poem.. a very deep portrayal of hurt.. thank you for sharing this, Carrie :)

  5. Thank you all for reading it. Have enjoyed reading everyones poetry. :-)


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