Calling All Gentlemen

Photography by Guy Kawasaki

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Gentleness can be taught in the slow tender stroke of years
But in its essence, it is either already resting in the heart of its holder
Or absolutely nowhere near
You can lead a biker to a bar
But you can’t make him drink
And getting him to stop
May be harder than you think
You can place a kitten in his arms
But whether he holds it tenderly
Is out of your hands
So my advice to you is
Never hand a kitty to anyone 
Except a loving woman or man.

~Just for the record I have nothing against biker dudes.  In fact I find them quite intriguing, especially if they are not afraid to hold a kitten sweetly and enjoy it.~


  1. Wise advice! And I love your note about biker dudes. Some of them are heroes for animals as well as sick or bullied human kids. :-)

    1. Thanks Shay, and I agree about the bikers. I do love it when someone is a hero for animals.

  2. There are some softy bikers around who would be gentle with a kitten, provided none of their mates were watching of course . . . lol

  3. This is...perfection. Love the gentleness in the poem itself.

  4. Thanks so much Chrissa and I love your possible play on words purfection! 😻

  5. Kittens definitely need to be handled with loving hands.

  6. So wise, Carrie. Gruffness has pockets of tender as well.

    1. Thank you Sara, and I love that line "Gruffness has pockets of tender as well." Lovely and true!!

  7. :) yes...protect your sweet ones!


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