Strength of the Butterfly

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“Man must rise above the Earth – to the top of the atmosphere and beyond – for only thus will he fully understand the world in which he lives.”

I am the explorer reaching upward
but you are the one with wings

You do not need a space ship
 to reach further beyond your means
I study for a lifetime preparing
For my scheduled flight
You merely take a moment
And then sail the bluest skies.


  1. I love that there is no malice or envy in the speaker's voice. She speaks fact about the subject and herself. Never suggesting that one is better than the other--even if one has it easier. A person like this one flies true.

  2. Oh my goodness.... I think our two writes will pair nicely. I wrote mine before reading yours. I'll be interested to see if you think the same. You definitely captured the astronauts thoughts very well!

  3. A beautiful poem, almost a song. I love the way the speaker greats the butterfly. :)

  4. Another affirmation of the butterfly’s strength!

  5. I hadn't noticed the reflection in the other pictures I saw. It looks like the butterfly is going knock knock, come out or let me in.

  6. Beautiful.

  7. This is absolutely beautiful, gentle and caring. Bravo, Carrie!

  8. #1 Shay is off the grid for awhile as her puter is dead . #2 this is a beautiful poem Carrie. I like how the stronaut greets the butterfly. The peoem is gentle

  9. Oh, I love this expression of freedom..butterfly freedom..It certainly speaks to me.

  10. Such balance and beauty in the contrast that you present here Carrie. Wonderful writing! I finally got my contribution posted. Thank you again for nudging me... :-)

  11. Easy peasy lemon squeezy, right? ;-)

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