Hoarding the Light

Linking with the Sunday Muse for Muse # 75

"We are star stuff which has taken it's destiny into it's own hands."
~Carl Sagan

Note: It was when I was a child that I learned to hold on tight
keeping all I could call my own
and clutch on to it with all my might
my whole adulthood I have been learning
to simply let it go.....

You Cannot Cage an Orb of Light but You Can Cage Your Own Heart,

To the east their hearts held loneliness
To the west it was a certain fear
In-between there was a desolation
That spread like a woman’s tears
Then one day an orb of light arrived
That lit up their hearts and the sky
So desperate they would lose it
They took to ropes ladders and ties
Trying to hold it down
It lasted about one day
And then the orb was gone
They couldn’t make it stay
I wonder if they would have let it freely stand
Maybe it would have chosen to remain
Some things cannot be caged
But what our hearts choose to hold
is truly within our hands


  1. This is a sensible, wonderful interpretation of this art. Maybe the orb would have stayed,
    but now we'll never know.

  2. Life is a tricky things, especially when we are young (and when we are old, too). It's hard not to want to hold on too tight to what we love, to ourselves... Getting hurt (even the idea of it) can be quite terrifying.

  3. Trying to hold on to the light can be treacherous. It can also be scary, the thoughts of losing what is precious.

  4. "Cold-hearted orb that rules the night..." Any poem with "orb" in it is good in my book. And yeah, there is a place inside us all that isn't subject to what anyone else says or wants.

  5. Carrie, I love your line "what our hearts choose to hold is truly within our hands", this speaks volumes. Another beautiful and heartfelt poem.

  6. Carrie, this is beautiful and I have to wonder would it choose to stay...some things are meant to be free.

  7. I love this... It is so true what we store in our hearts no one can take. It is truly ours. This is beautiful.


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