Saturday, February 9, 2019

The Sensation of Falling

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Fear is the father of courage and the mother of safety. ~Henry H. Tweedy

In my dreams
flight is a feeling I like
souring high in the air
fast and strong
with wings wide and beautiful
no fear of falling
but in life
the feeling of flying
in a jet plane
keeps me on the ground
it is a sensation I do not like
yes the feeling of not being in control
is a something that I hate with a purple passion
it even carries over into driving
when you are on wheels
there is an element of control
that can be lost in the process
hydroplaning and possible head injuries
can be part of the equation
hence I hold both hands on the wheel
and back seat drive as a passenger
which I am fairly certain is a
bad sensation for the people
I am riding with
fear has been my feathered companion
long before I recognized the relationship
I try to let go, but breakups can be hard
I do not want to be captive to its hold
although I am thinking
  it is truly me
that won’t let go
for the fear of flight
lingers when you cannot forget
the sensation of falling.

©Carrie Van Horn 2019


  1. I love the conflicting things in the sensations of flying and the fear of falling...

  2. Yes... I love the idea of flying but have a real gut fear of heights. I'm guessing this is a common contradiction but still it feels weird. I like this observation in your poem.

  3. Still, check your back periodically to see if wings have begun to appear. ;-)

  4. A well-captured sensation, Carrie, that feeling of loss of control is one I can relate to. Your final lines resonate:
    ‘for the fear of flight
    lingers when you cannot forget
    the sensation of falling’.

  5. This is beautifully evocative in its portrayal of fear and holding on to courage.❤️

  6. Fear of flying and loss of control.. I can see the connection as you have described it here.

  7. Balance is the key If you are doing the tightrope act it is always good to have a safety net . If not possible , take a deep breath,pray, and hum a few psalms:)

  8. Open and honest ... kudos Carrie.

  9. Falling has a lasting hold on memory, especially when any sort of phobia is attached to the feeling of not being fully in control.

  10. The longing for - and fear of falling from - the sky is a feeling i remember. I like Shay's comment....keep checking for wings. May as well soar. There is little we can control and the clouds are beautiful, seen from above.

  11. Between the amazing sensation of flying and the fear of falling, you've managed to capture the essence of it all.

  12. You have captured so much emotion in this poem, Carrie. I do not drive, but do the same as you in the car. I have never been able to handle the feeling of not being in control.

  13. Flying and falling..I think we all have a bit of that fear. I think the best flight is on spirit wings. Beautiful


"Our best thoughts come from others." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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....and they lived happily ever after.....
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