Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The Heart is a Crazy Bag Lady

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Imagined by Rommy

"A woman can say more in a sigh than a man can say in a sermon." 
~Arnold Haultain

The heart is a crazy bag lady that carries all it hears for keeps
and the mind stirs the contents like a soup to cook and feed
sometimes just one bite can leave a bitter taste
making an entire meal become an utter waste.

Words take flight on a silent breeze but they do not softly break a heart
and once they are truly free they do not soon depart
they fester like a neglected wound and linger like an unwanted guest
causing a deep discomfort and stealing peace like gold from a treasure chest

There is a heavy weight that words have the strength to bear
 so they can lift a spirit and send it high into the air
but when they are bitter they have the power to oppress
striping away self-worth like lovers get undressed

The heart is a crazy bag lady that carries all it hears for keeps
and the mind mulls over the contents like a tourist whose lost their keys
so next time someone offends you with words that cut to the core
remember when it comes to an argument sometimes less is more.


  1. i like your bag lady heart metaphor. words are alive, even if dormant.

  2. Words are indeed powerful tools Carrie


  3. How words can be so bitter sweet. I enjoyed your piece in its entirety, especially your closing stanza.

  4. Words are alive .. powerful.. and kicking.. love 'The heart is a crazy bag lady' metaphor. Beautifully rendered.

  5. Love the metaphor of the crazy bag lady... but also the advice of less is more... it takes strength to stand up to those harsh words.

  6. Oh how words can bite! And yes, less is certainly more and has the power to bite back!
    Anna :o]

  7. striping away self-worth like lovers get undressed... oh yes can happen in a hurry once it starts!

  8. If only more people would realize how powerful words can be.

  9. A crazy bag lady...perfect! Words are powerful so to keep even when one has lost all else.

  10. First, I love LOVE love the title. Now, to the words... So true, they have all the power we give them. We should always remember that, especially when giving worth to words coming from another.

  11. Your opening image of the heart as bag lady is so incredibly memorable. How we store everything away in the sub- un- and conscious mind. You captured that very well.


"Our best thoughts come from others." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson