Friday, May 19, 2017


(Carrie's spot at the library circulation desk)

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for Bits of Inspiration ~ Mixed Media Art
brought to you and imagined by Susie Clevenger

Silence was never written down.  ~Italian Proverb

I spend most of my time at work
sitting at a circulation desk where
people check out books
and pay late fees
discussing their day 
and their favorite 
series or author
while children laugh
and young adults 
and old ones as well
talk on their cell phone
as if they are home
for some we are
a home away
from home
we have snacks
people eat
kids run around 
and play while
their parents
are on the computer
oblivious to
their surroundings

yes libraries
are supposed to be
they are not...

we serve a community
where there are more needs
than just studying for a test
or looking up information
some need air conditioning
others want the internet
having important information
to print out
and then there are the
ones that want a great book
either way
there is a need to be met
and customer service is the
backbone of my career 
I am here to serve
in noise and in quiet
and I love it either way!

Now here is my actual poem for the prompt:

If silence could speak it would whisper ssshhhh
I would elbow it softly and suggest
something a little more assertive 
like shuuuut uuuup
or how about a mean glare
but silence would not listen
because silence is way too polite for that
and it does have a mind of it's own
you see silence is an old friend of mine
and we go way back
we have been through so much together
in my times of great loneliness 
it taught me the art of pondering 
life's questions and writing poetry
at night it was always close by
to listen with no judgement
there have been those that 
have shunned my dear friend
considering it empty
with nothing to truly offer
but I disagree 
it is a priceless gift
that I have learned to love
throughout the years
you see
 truly is
golden to me!

Friday, May 5, 2017

A Mad Scientist with Words

Courtesy Google Images

If there's a book you really want to read, but it hasn't been written yet,
then you must write it. 
~Toni Morrison

we all have one....
some love printed ones...
others have a favorite....
and we all enjoy to have one read to us when we are a child.
But in the course of things, some of us remain readers and others become writers.
I am not sure what triggers the difference.  Does a writer just have so much they want to say to the world that they have no choice in the matter?
I only know that when I was a child writing gave me 
a certain peace.
As an adult, writing went on the back burner for a long while, raising small children and learning to be on my own, however one day I decided to carry on.
I picked up a pen and a note pad and turned into a mad scientist with words. Most of my waking moments I spent dwelling on ideas and thoughts that I wanted to write into poetry.  I cleaned houses for a living and would jot notes on the job and I kept a journal with me most of the time.
Many years have passed since that time, and many things have changed in my life- marriages, homes, jobs- but one thing has not changed, my love of writing.