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Butterflies and Land Mines

The Mag #255

Reason is our soul’s left hand, Faith her right. ~John Donne

Faith is a white horse that must run in the black of night
and the soul is the rider that must hold on with no reins in sight.
It is a treacherous journey that requires a lot of guts.
The kind that walks through land mines with eyes completely shut.
 So let go of your logistics and reach out for something true.
A credence that is mightier than any scientific proof.
For genuine conviction is a force that moves through hardy walls
and the voice that drives it onward has an ever gentle call.
 You see the cement of the soul is full of both tenderness and might.
For faith is a true force yet enigma like butterflies and land mines.


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At the bottom is always the best soil to sow and grow something new again.
In that sense, hitting (rock) bottom, while extremely painful, is also the perfect sowing ground. That being said, before we can begin to grow, we must first realize that we are bogged down. (Step 1)

My arms have grown weary and my back is all worn. My insides are crumbling and my outside is torn.
Life is a journey that requires some might
and rest becomes a luxury instead of a right.
So now I am in need of major repair.
God's needle and thread with love, hope, and care.

This was originally written for
Poetry Jam for the "One Word" prompt.
My word is:
Unfortunately I did not make it in time, so I am sharing it with Poet's United's Poetry Pantry #236

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