Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Where Have All the Cowboys Gone?

Elizabeth Taylor, Set of  "Giant", by Frank Worth

The Mag #231

Chase down your passion like it's the last bus of the night. ~Terri Guillemets

I have skinned my knees for far lesser things
recklessly chasing tumbleweeds and lassoing dreams
carrying the load with my own bare hands
searching for meaning on my own spot of land
it takes giant strength to break a steed
and yet another kind to set him free
so now I plow hard on a lonely plain
hoping for sunshine praying for rain
for finding purpose and chasing dreams
is a thirsty calling and a tricky thing
you can get stuck in the mud falling hard
or lose your way and break your heart
either way it is an awkward gravel path
where boots get torn and tires go flat
so cowards need not apply for this post
keep your baggage and just stay home
I'm searching for greater things something more
and it can't be bought at the corner store
I will probably get robbed or ripped to shreds
digging for gold that could never be lent
but that has never before shattered my dreams
and I have skinned my knees for far lesser things.


  1. Carrie, this is one of your finest!! Absolutely.

  2. I absolutely love this!!! I do not say that often.

  3. Brilliant! I like the rhythm that plays in my head in your line, I have skinned my knees for far lesser things! She's one strong cowgirl!

  4. Skinned our knees... haven't we all!

  5. the wrap around back to that opening line...and good on you for not settling for something as simple as what can be found at that corner store...smiles...

  6. The multiple themes you've put in here, outstanding. The words flow like a song off the page...

  7. Carrie,

    Asbolutely fantastic words. I am so pleased to have found this today. One of your best pieces!!!....
    Best wishes,

  8. This is absolutely marvelous writing. Truly, I adore this.

  9. hoping for sunshine praying for rain....just LOVE this line!!

  10. Lassoing dreams - what a wonderful concept. Beautifully written.

  11. This was superbly written, great rhythm, wordplay and story telling. Wish the font had been larger..


"Our best thoughts come from others." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson