Monday, August 25, 2014

The Brilliant Teacher

Starry Night by Alex Ruiz
"When it is dark enough, you can see the stars." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson
Every soul is a brilliant student and teacher
 like the stars in the midnight sky.
Each endeavor we undertake
 is a shimmering example
be it wrong or be it right.
All the decisions one man can manufacture
are a beacon for those willing to truly view
and they become a bright lesson of guidance
of what another man should never do.

For our lives are a monument on display
 like a planetarium or chalk board at school,
and our actions profess the truths
that speaks for both scholars and for fools.

One thing I have learned over the years watching people and taking a closer look into my own mirror is this:

We all are teachers in this life.  We advise others not just in our triumphs but also in our mistakes.   Like stars in the midnight sky we shine bright when it is dark.  Adversity and how we handle it can be the most brilliant teacher of all.  It enlightens understanding much faster than the way of complacency for both the individual and the onlookers.   The clergy teach us, but so does the criminal.  They each have a message to share.   For this world is one big classroom, and we are not just the students we are the teachers as well. 

What is the brightest lesson your life has taught to someone else in your sphere of influence?
Has someone in your life taught you a valuable lesson you would like to share?


  1. Much to ponder here. I totally agree, and we shall continue learning and teaching until there is no more.

  2. Your words ring true..we are teachers and students in the journey of life.

  3. Here I go...First, agree all are teachers and learners. We learn from animals also, and ants, "butterflies" (You DID know they used to be called "Flutterbys?) grass, birds, weather, ocean...well, the Universe.

    The valuable lesson I was taught (by SO many people in Alcoholics Anonymous) was how to STAY sober. So, during these 40 years I have had the honor of helping OTHERS to stay sober. (Some make it, others do not, it is between them and God).

    Remember in the end everything will be OK
    If everything is not OK...
    then it is not yet the END!!!!!

  4. The stars and solitude would bring about these moments of reflection. Your mistakes become lessons, others could become your guide. Loved reading this!!!

  5. this is a beautiful post. and you are right in your reflections, we are all teachers!

    stacy lynn mar

  6. Sharp, smooth and quite enjoyable...

  7. ha. our actions speaking for scholars and for fools...indeed....we learn, hopefully along the way...and in that we teach as well...i would much rather learn from others than experience...

  8. That's a very beautiful metaphor. Your poem matches the picture very well.

  9. "and our actions profess the truths
    that speaks for both scholars and for fools".
    They ain't mutually exclusive... but you never said they were. Nicely done.

  10. I love the paradox loaded into your words...the tension ...thanks

  11. Beautiful words on life lessons. Great and...Thank you Carrie

  12. This is very well written. Thank you. Nice Mag! Love and Light, S

  13. Lovely poem, Carrie!
    Even I believe that we can learn from all & anyone can be our teacher.
    Teacher's Day is celebrated on September 5th in India :)

  14. Your words ring so very true ... Bravo Carrie ...


"Our best thoughts come from others." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson