Map for the Moon

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 Linking with Poetry Jam for the "Paths" prompt.
"Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth."

I have never held a map for the moon within my hands
though I have journeyed there just the same.
With empty pockets and no compass for land
heading to uncharted territory with no title nor claim.

The future holds a ticket that I lost somewhere in the past
a place I don't belong but revisit with tourists and fools.
Fishing for food with a line I could never cast
hoping for amnesty due to bending a thousand rules.

 Lessons are like a dirt road that have pebbles under our feet
we learn to step on them gently and where not to step.
For life has a way of providing the trial that will teach
yet it is up to us to gain knowledge and utilize the test.

Sometimes the lesson that is hardest to learn is the" not" instead of the "do".  What not to do or not to go.  In recovery they talk a lot about insanity, and what it truly means.  Doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.  I have found that in my life the things that I struggle with most are trying to control what is not my place to do.  Like a map for the moon, it is not my place to tread, nor is it truly an option to try.  Yet, I still keep on heading back down that path.  Hoping to change something that is not truly within my grasp, like a map for the moon, I do not hold the power to change anyone or anything outside of my own self.  I understand the lesson, yet I keep retaking the test.  I guess that makes me either an eager student or an insane one.  You do the math. :-)


  1. I have been known to be guilty of the same 'crime', trying to control what was not mine to deal with in the first place. I have learnt, and am still learning, that it is possible not to 'fish for food with a line I could never cast'.

  2. Another beautiful piece, Carrie. Achingly insightful, with clarity and wisdom. And the form you have utilized is luminous - wonderful, wonderful work with the rhyme/near rhyme in this!

  3. Ah, words of wisdom here and in the journey we do indeed learn where to step as life has a way of teaching us.

  4. I specially like this part: Lessons are like a dirt road that have pebbles under our feet ~ Though I wish I have a map to the moon, I am content to make my own destiny ~ I am with you on that life lesson too ~

  5. So much wisdom in your words. I really like that third stanza.

  6. "a place I don't belong but revisit with tourists and fools"...been to the place many a time on pebbled pathway, and learnt....learning lessons is what is life all about I think...your words are precious, rhythm beautiful...thanks for participating Carrie :)

  7. whole lot of wisdom in that last bit carrie...i like the allusion of the lessons as pebbles we learn to step on gently...ha...hard learning when you land too hard on stings, i know...smiles.

  8. Wow. I really like this, Carrie... especially the last stanza. Thanks for the reminder that sometimes "not" is better than "do"... = )

  9. The future holds a ticket that I lost somewhere in the past ..yet it is up to us to gain knowledge and utilize the test.'...oh how true so very true

  10. Well-expressed, Carrie. There is a feeling of frustration in your words, but they offer much beauty too. It is hard when the lessons taught by experience are not learnt well and we repeat the same mistakes...

  11. Well-written response to the prompt! I especially liked the empty pockets you included; that really made me think.

  12. I really love this, especially that beginning line. And the lost ticket tot he future, that was excellent. I can definitely relate to the definition of insanity. It is very hard to let go and not try to control things beyond our control. Had a funny conversation with a friend,where we both agreed that if everyone would just do what we said, everything would be perfect...:-D

  13. Love "life has a way of providing the trial that will teach
    yet it is up to us..."

  14. I enjoyed this. Thanks for posting here.


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