Psssst I Got A Secret Wanna Here?

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"Women keep a special corner of their hearts for sins they have never committed."
 ~Cornelia Otis Skinner
Linking with Imaginary Gardens for Fireblossom's promt "Get Listed"
It's simple just use the words in the list.  At least 3 of them that is. :-)

It is a complete mystery what lies within a woman's heart.
It's got a crazy stowaway that yarns flowers in the dark.

It becomes a garden of riddles that speak only to the blind.
It creates a high pitched sound that no man could ever choose to find.

All the lost love that is packaged is saved for a lover from the past
where regrets and favorite longings become legends that don't die fast.

For no animal great nor small can look head on and not be stunned
so cup your ears and watch television cause the truth will kill ya like a gun.

One of my favorite movies is like so many women "Titanic", and I love the quote by Rose "A woman's heart is a deep ocean of secrets. "  I remember the first time I saw the movie, and I heard those words.  I could not get over how true that was.  There are just some things that a woman knows in her heart that she never shares with another human being. 



  1. :)Oh! wow, what a lovely coincidence, i too wrote about a secret garden in a woman's heart (this time mine)!!

  2. this is SUPERB! And pretty darn accurate too. You've put many a feeling into words here.

  3. television is safe because we are living someone elses life...
    or the fairy tale at least...its a lot less messy...and we dont have to worry because it will be back next week...

  4. Carrie, yours is wonderful! The photo enchants, but leaves one wondering as your words fill in the blanks~
    More please-

  5. I really like the starting point of your poem, Carrie - both quotes are so true. You wove an intricate exploration of that subject with the words. It was so wonderful to see you linking up to the Imaginary Garden.

  6. Wow! There's some powerful begrudging held in that heart! Watch out!

  7. Loved this Carrie.
    My heart concurs.
    And I love that quote from Rose in "The Titanic"

    Have a great weekend

  8. It becomes a garden of riddles that speak only to the blind.
    It creates a high pitched sound that no man could ever choose to find.

    I love these lines and the rest...and the source of inspiration. Beautiful.

  9. Oh, the secrets we women hold. Such a beautiful piece

  10. How nice to see you at the Pond, Carrie! o glad you decided to go for the word list. :-)

  11. Hi Carrie--there is definitely that sense of packaging up lost love for another lover--often it can be a real problem! Thanks k.

  12. A thought provoking truism dispensed with wit and panache. A clever write.

  13. I love the line that ends with "yarns flower in the dark." Striking image!

  14. I love this, Carrie. I love women's secret the Titanic quote too.

  15. As always Carrie, your poetry touches each and every reader in different ways. I think hearts carry more secrets than anything on earth...


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