Over Again

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Hope rises like a phoenix from the ashes of shattered dreams. ~S.A. Sachs

It seems I have constructed an eloquent way to destruct my life over and over again.  An icon's crazy way of being fashionably late to the affair like one hundred galas before.  No need to bring a fur darling it's going to be a hot evening by the pool. I know how to get by in the weather with no coat.  Unprepared is my middle name and flying by the seat of my pants keeps my seamstress rich.  Fools 101 is a class I took twice in college it's my talent and now I have nightmares of missing it with my shoes on the wrong feet and my shirt on inside out.  It is deja vu that I discover over and over again.  Another string of bad decisions like bank robberies that catch up with me as do the police.  It all comes down to boundaries.  Where to build a fence and when to tear it down.  I always grab the bobbed wire trying to get the mud off my shoes as I make my mad get away.  Growing in one place is the way of flowers and trees, but I only thrive for a while and then I am scrambling for the latest new cure.  A relief from the disease of the discontent.  I strangle hope by the neck, but it still gives me breathing room and a chance to run ahead even though I shall return to it's side to try again over and over again.

My life has been a series of mistakes strung together like a necklace, that does not fit, but I hang it upon a wall for my eyes to look at everyday.  This is a dramatic exaggeration of my life, but I can say this:
No matter how low the place I have fallen, hope always reaches out it's hand and pulls me through the cracks of discouragement and helps me stand once more.


  1. i hear you...it is my cracks as well that help me to see the beauty in most things....i would not trade my story for anything...because it is what has gotten me to here...

  2. you and me both. we are all fallible, but its the strong that keep getting up... those mistakes are just part of the learning process.

  3. no one is perfect- and we are our own worst critics.


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