Friday, June 13, 2014

Like Bullets Ricochet


 In a dream you are never eighty.  ~Anne Sexton

Like bullets ricochet so do memories within our nightly dreams
they shoot blindly at our heart and then bounce out into lights gleam
All the lost agendas and acts that got stored onto a tape
rewind in awkward segments like a movie that won't erase.
Sometimes they are a message of a path we should not cross
while others are a film of recollections that once were truly lost.
They are an obscure journey that ventures deep into the mind
where life's hidden plots and mysteries unravel for us to find.

I have always believed that our dreams hold a deep meaning yet at times they are simply just an unraveling of the day and days gone by.  Sometimes you get obscurity and other times a clear message, but either way you get a morsel of truth for thought.  To me it is like a movie inside my mind.  When I was 15 years old, I had the BIG dream of writing a book that would be made into a screen play.  So at night sometimes in my dreams I would dream a story that played out, and at the closing, I would say "the end", and I would wake up.  Yes, it sounds a little crazy, but it is true.  Okay I am crazy, but that is another story.




  1. Sweet memories - just like a tape recorder - and can be replayed whenever you like.
    Thanks for the visit earlier . . . . so pleased to meet you ~ Eddie

  2. Funny how the truth can often sound crazy, even when it's clearly not crazy! I enjoyed this, just like those old recorders that will long live within our memories! For many of us!

  3. Your description of a dream is exactly as I see it too. You've just expressed yourself waaaay better than in my head :)

  4. Great dream metaphor. I find it curious, how in dream we go from one place and set of circumstances to another that are totally unrelated, yet it all seems to make perfect sense. Best of luck with your big screen dreams, Carrie!

  5. Lovely poetic dream here. Yes, sometimes dreams are cathartic, sometimes they are the day continuing to haunt our night. Sometimes, they just help point our way.

  6. i think our dreams do contain a bit of truth...of stuff that is stuck in our subconcious we may not even realize....helping us find a way through...

  7. Totally agree that our dreams hold bits of truth and sometimes even clear messages. Love the poem Carrie....your words create awesome images. Happy Saturday!!!

  8. Oh yes, our dreams reflect reality and what lies buried under the surface as well. Great Mag, Carrie.


"Our best thoughts come from others." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson