I Speak of Freedom

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There is nothing so good for the inside of a man as the outside of a horse.
 ~John Lubbock

Sometimes it is not so much what is said, but what is not that speaks so loudly, and no one communicates quite so eloquently as does a horse. 
I speak of pleasure as I gallop field to field
and with each nimble jump you shall feel it to
I am a horse.
I speak of grace in the softness of my stance
and with the beauty that radiates you will see it to
I am a horse.
I speak of freedom in the strength of my reins
and as my flying mane is at your hands you will hold it to
I am a horse.
I speak of comfort as I carry you saddle free
and as we ride in peaceful silence you will speak it to
I am a horse.


  1. Dear Carrie,
    It has been more than a few years since I've galloped on a horse ... you resurrected so many wonderful memories with your poem.

  2. I know intimately of these things.

    And also? I have missed you.

  3. Your words are beautiful...I feel the grace and freedom in this magnificent creature

  4. Beautiful, Carrie...I live with two of them - and we might be getting a third - and they are such beautiful creatures.

  5. Some indelible lines in this piece – that encapsulate love and respect for a beautiful animal.

  6. been a while since i rode...
    i see them all the time at the stables just down the way
    magnificent animals...


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