Directions Not Included

photo by Steven Kelly

"Men, like nails, lose their usefulness when they lose direction and begin to bend."
  ~Walter Savage Landor


Sometimes I am rough like an old highway that is in desperate need of repair
and I am stagnant like a puddle where there is no light to bring a glare.
At times I am tattered like a worn hem on a dress no one will sew
and I am meager like a garden where a careless gardener never goes.
At times I am lost like a sparrow that has never built it's nest
and I am lonely like a boring hostess that will never have a guest.
Sometimes I am empty like a pew where the minister shall not preach
and full of dust like antique furniture hidden beneath white sheets.
At times my focus is for naught like an unused telescope on a starlit night
and I am vacant like a building that it too damaged for someone to buy.
 In this life there are no road signs to truly guide the way ahead
and purpose can get lost if we drive like our foot is made of led.
So slow down and pay attention don't miss the turn you were meant to make
for no one else can do it for you, it's a maneuver that only you can make.


  1. This is wonderful Carrie ... Van Horn (?) ~ what a great last name!!

  2. def like the wisdom you end on...slowing down and just enjoying the ride....and i think we can all be like a lot of those things at times...and you are right that you have to be th one to do it as well...

  3. A lot of interesting images here.

  4. And some good advice in amongst your words... ♥

  5. love where this photo took you (& now me), your similes apt & visual...

  6. I love this and it is so true. sometimes I feel the lost and lonly feeling but usually it is just before the next bend in the road that brings the light and beauty that was just around the are right the key is to stay focused!!

  7. A beautiful blend of everyday tasks and items yet the words tell the truth of life. Only you can take the responsibility for your actions.
    wonderfully crafted Carrie.

  8. beautiful... " In this life there are no road signs to truly guide the way ahead "

  9. Oh, but directions are given--many, many times, in fact!

  10. One of your best, Carrie...I like what you've done with your page, too! Nice...

  11. A very important message--slow down, don't miss the turn you were meant to take. Excellent piece.

  12. Well done and thanks for sharing

  13. Your writing is superb. I pray you are content.

  14. This is so peaceful; I love your blog.


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