A Bigger Fish

Meal Beach, Burrs Island,Shetland by Robin Gosnall

The Mag #159

"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go."  ~T.S. Eliot

Mankind is the hunter of new horizons, the seeker of something more
pushing to greater lands as does the waves unto the shore.
He moves on ever further as a hardy ship upon the sea
hoping for fulfillment yet longing to be set free.
Sometimes it is a journey beyond the outskirts of the furthest town
and others it is a sojourn inward to reach what's lost and make it found.
Like the surfer hunts the perfect wave and the fisherman a bigger fish
so does the human spirit search for something greater...a purpose within his fists.


  1. I love this Carrie. We really are "seekers" aren't we? I think it's something deeply rooted in human nature.

  2. From the first line to last - astounding.

  3. A good human tale ... loved it !!!

  4. I agree with ninotaziz! Stunning, this line made me pause and re-read...'Sometimes it is a journey beyond the outskirts of the furthest town
    and others it is a sojourn inward to reach what's lost and make it found.' yes!

    Love the quote as well.

  5. Purpose within his fists...I love that...

  6. it is good when that something greater is purpose and not just more things....that line on the journey...so true as well...

  7. you've caught the essence of human endeavour perfectly - ever striving and seeking, above, beyond and within.

  8. This is uplifting and affirming - really wonderful, Carrie.

  9. This is a very uplifting write. And yes, so true that we are all searching beyond ourselves.

  10. Lovely - what would life be without some sense of fulfilment.

    Anna :o]

  11. The one time wife of explorer will steger was once asked why he treks to the poles. She replied,
    "a man will go as far as he can see, some men just see farther than others"
    Yes, as a ship resolute, even under batterment from storm and foe, man, driven by spirit, vision, and a sliver of hope, often presses on while the sane, so called, cry fool.
    And there, is the beauty
    Wonderful write, Carrie

  12. Purpose!, you have one here, so right about the eternal alternating dance between inward and outwar, very gently philosophical , thanks Carrie

  13. Keep searching--but enjoy the journey!


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