Monday, December 10, 2012

Drifting Apart

"We sail within a vast sphere, ever drifting in uncertainty,
driven from end to end."
~Blaise Pascal

We were two different countries
 within the same continent you and I.

Your ways were not my own,
although we stood there side by side.

My gravel roads led to your winding highways
that seemed to never end,

and I knew where you were going
just as you understood where I had been.

Yet somewhere between the new frontier
and old roads in need of repair,

an ocean grew amidst this continent
like the shifting plates of hearts and cares.

I have married twice and both times it has been a process much like shifting plates of the earth crust.  The ground has shifted beneath my feet, and I have been unable to remain in the place that I once stood.  I guess I could look at it as a loss or an utter failure, but I choose not to.  I have learned more from these 2 different and both difficult men than they will have ever truly learned from me.  I have come to understand that there is no perfect person and we are all products of our past and the places we come from.  We do not get to have a road map of the human heart.  I only know that  I love them both and always will.  Yes that sounds crazy, but I have always believed that if you truly love someone, and I am not talking about romantic love, I am speaking of the love that one has for a fellow human being in this life, then that love never ends nor stops.  You cannot turn love off like water in a faucet, nor should you even try, but you can learn from relationships good or bad and you can hope to make better decisions moving forward in the future.


  1. Love and life is always a learning phase ... good work with the prompt !!!

  2. you are correct that you can not turn off love...and i love that you still hold love for them...not always the case when these things happen....nice elements in your verse as well detailing your differences but how you still cmae and love are both areas of constant continual learning...

    and your header pic is so cool! smiles.

  3. You and Brian are 100% correct - you cannot turn off love, no matter how hard you try. The heart is not a faucet :)

  4. I agree with you; and I am hoping that the ex-husbands hold you in the same regard. I think that love just IS....even if a particular relationship comes to an end, the love stays in some form, as it should.

  5. Well written poem. Wow, this is so well put. And I appreciate the explanation, and that you choose not to see failure but rather a stepping stone on the path of life. And totally agree that we are all products of our past, it's all part of who we are. Thanks for sharing this.

  6. Calm, settled, a life and love without regret or bitterness.
    A breezy summer day at rest following the storm.
    A beautiful outlook and a generous looking back.
    I admire your writing much, and the conclusions you draw

  7. and I knew where you were going
    just as you understood where I had been.

    Much wisdom in your words. I agree, love cannot be turned off like a tap - but who would want to? There is no limit to its reservoir. :)

  8. The "shifting plates" of life - yes!

  9. Your metaphors of separate countries and different types of roads work well. Well enough not to need the explanation below, but I'm glad you included it. And you are so right about love, in some form, continuing and our past experiences contributing to who we are.

  10. I thought I was already following you. Apparently I wasn't, but I am now.

  11. Such a wise, loving and compassionate poem, Carrie. I appreciated it even more on reading your notes after. It takes a special person to hold love for someone when things didnt work out. Way to be! This is one of my favorite poems, written by you. A wonderful write! Thank you!

  12. p.s. the photo on your header is spectacular!

  13. Carrie,
    You have composed a poem full of truth. The men and women I have loved in my life remain ~~ loved forever.

  14. What a wise and wonderful way of weaving life and love on it's journey of perpetual ups and downs....our world of love, and humans and creatures walking hand in hand is more than just a dream!

  15. smiles...i was...for about 5 years....been out of ministry for about 4 years now...

    1. That is so think maybe someday you may do it again?

  16. I was touched by this write and by your revelations. Love is a wonderful and very strange thing--just as relationships are--I so enjoyed the metaphor used

  17. always write from the heart and with much sincerety... and that's what i like most in your writing... i believe, i can always learn a lot from you... you are the truth... smiles...

  18. everything that crosses our way, leaves something behind for us... beautiful interpretation!

  19. It all comes together so well: your feelings, your words, the picture.

  20. This was emotional and so well done~
    YOU always share and offer so much!
    Thank you Carrie!


"Our best thoughts come from others." ~Ralph Waldo Emerson