An Ode To Chocolate Cake

Midnight Snack, 1984, by Curtis Wilson Cost

"Worries go down better with soup."  ~Jewish Proverb
"or chocolate cake..." ~Carrie :-)

So many nights I wake up pondering
on all the whys and worries of my life.
I toss and turn with wrestling regrets
 that punch and know how to win a fight.

Soon I am up and wandering
towards my side by side frigidaire
hoping for some chocolate cake
to knock out my worries and cares.

When all the crumbs are scooped up
with a fork or tongue to plate
I head back to my empty bedroom
and rest peacefully until daybreak.


  1. I agree, chocolate cake and whatever is in the fridge ~ Happy day to you~

  2. I agree with you - chocolate cake makes all the worries go away, at least for a little bit anyway!

  3. Oh, I enjoyed this. Chocolate cake can definitely be the best medicine! Smiles.

  4. Could not agree more .. I baked the most spectacular cake for my son's birthday last weekend ... three layers, seedless raspberry preserves between the layers, whipped creme cheese chocolate icing! Nothing left for a midnight snack.

  5. or anytime of is my constant companion....which may not be a good thing...smiles.

  6. The ultimate comfort food. I think nearly everyone can relate to this Carrie. :o)

  7. Any kind of chocolate will work...especially dark chocolate...verrry dark...

  8. chocolate in any form makes the worries less ominous in the dark...sleep tight!

  9. Carrie,

    Comfort food brings a kind of contentment, especially of course, chocolate and chocolate cake:)
    It is good though to have a means of immediate relief of worries...

    Happy Autumn Carrie,
    Eileen :)

  10. Dear dear Carrie
    I am familiar with all of these - the midnight worries, the chocolate cake and the dreamless sleep after that.

    There is something else that works just as divinely, but I won't go into that!


  11. Chocolate cake is the cure to almost everything.

  12. Thank you everyone...I think we are all in agreement on the love of chocolate! :-)

  13. There's definitely something in chocolate that helps us sleep. Thank goodness the fridge wasn't empty!

  14. There's just something about chocolate period, for me! I just adore that first quote, which opens into such a delightful poem...what a lead and what a finish!

  15. Love the poem and love chocolate cake too! :-)

  16. Ah, chocolate cake is divine when washed down with red wine! I love your poem!

  17. oooh, darkness doesn't disappoint, when it is chocolate cake!
    Your blog looks so bootiful ;D
    I know want cake, lol

    Fun to read~

  18. Enjoyed this alot.....felt with the flow...

  19. Does the trick every time!


  20. Its like the ultimate booby isnt it ? , great stuff, Carrie

  21. Who hasn't struggled with demons late at night? Yes, chocolate can tame the wildest beasts! Great write this week!

  22. What deserves an ode more than chocolate cake? Wonderful!


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