Since I first created my blog back around 2 years ago, it has been a wild and wonderful ride.  I have met so many wonderful writers and made some awesome friends in the process.   Recently I was tagged by Bob at Average Poet in a great and fun way to get to know our fellow bloggers.  I first met Bob through Poets United.  I have truly enjoyed his amazing poetry.  Take the time to look at his blog.  The game I am participating in is called "The Continuation".  So at this moment in the game I am "it".   So hold on here we go..............

The Rules Are:

1. You must post the rules.
2. Post 11 fun facts about yourself.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in thier post, and then create 11 more to ask the ones you tag.
4. Tag however many bloggers you wish.
5. Let them know they are tagged.
6. Have fun!!

11 Fun Facts About Me:

1. I am the proud grandmother of 10 wonderful grandkids....ranging in age from 16 to 2 years old.
2. I love to watch "Project Runway"....I do NOT sew a bit, but love to see the clothes they create!
3. I am left handed.
4. When I was in school, I was always the last one picked for sports. (In fact, I was the one they would argue about having to take.) :-(
5. I hate cooked spinach!!!
6. I always wear tennis shoes.
7. My elastic band slip once broke at a graduation when I was walking out, and it fell to the floor! (by the way when that happens step out of it do NOT try to put it back on!)
8. I have sloppy handwriting.
9.  I have a huge fear of heights!
10.  I tend to laugh when people trip or fall. It is a gut reaction that I have trouble controling.  So far the only person I have made angry is my son.  But I truly am a very compassionate person I promise. :-)
11. If a movie is the slightest bit sad I boo hoo like a baby. (so I do not go to the movie theater much)

My Answers to Bob's 11 Questions:

1.  One of my favorite words is hope. (who could have guessed) :-)
2.  I started my blog for several reasons. I wanted a way to share what I was writing with like minded writers. I was going through a very had time personally, and it helped distract me in a good way.
3.  I do believe in alien life.  My husband is certain he saw a flying saucer when he was in elementary school.
4. I do not feel that I have accomplished anything truly amazing. other than giving birth. :-)
5. My poetic technique tends to be rhyme.  Even when I try to do free verse, I tend to gravitate toward rhyme.
6.  I have heard many good jokes in my day, but I can never remember them to tell.
7.  When I was a kid I had some comic books that were from "The Monkees" series. ( I loved Davy Jones!)
8.  I will always believe there is hope for humanity, because I believe in a loving God that created humanity.
9. I would abolish violence of course not religion.  I know that a lot of violence has resulted from religion, but the root of that is the thinking of those poeple behind the beliefs.
10. My favorite cartoon as a kid was Scooby Doo! :-)
11. I would rather be infamous. Fame does not look pleasant in my eyes. (I do not want to need rehab, or have some plastic surgery disaster!)

And now for my 11 questions:

1.  What is your funniest embarassing moment?
2. What inspires you most to write a story or poem.
3. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you choose to go?
4.  Is there a series on T.V. that you always record so you will not miss it?
5. How would you finish this sentense? "the love of my life is______".
6. What do you imagine heaven to be like?
7.  What is your first memory as a very small child?
8. How old were you when you wrote your first poem?
9.  If you could go on a vacation today, who would you take with you and why?
10. Is there a food that you just cannot eat?
11.  Have you ever witnessed a miracle?

Now here are a few friends I would like to share the fun with
(I understand if there is anyone not wanting to jump on the ride....no worries....just want you to know you are considered for the fun.)

Ella at Ellas Edge
Janet at Another Porch
Becky at Red Prisma

"Tag YOUR IT!!!" Have fun everyone!


  1. Well of course I'm going to have to 'play.' Have patience while I get something together. Wheeeeeeeeeeee

  2. hehe...on the slip and your wisdom gleened from it....

    really you have 10 grandkids...and as old as 16....that just kinda blows my mind a bit...

  3. I'm with Brian .. I pictured you much younger - not old enough for grandchildren! I am a 'Project Runway' fan and I DO sew!

  4. Thanks you all....you made my evening! :-)

  5. Yes, I'd love to play...if you give me time to collect my thoughts a little. It was so nice to get a little peek into your life. I'll study the rules a little harder, and then I'll try it. I'm a little/ no quite astounded to be considered:) Thank-you, Carrie.
    p.s. You are definitely one of those youthful grandma's:) ...keeps the rest of us hoping!

  6. Nice learning more about you, Carrie. I always enjoy my visits to your blog. Aren't grandchildren wonderful?

  7. I loved your answers! I love Scooby Doo, I have seen a UFO, when I was in elementary school(tell your hubby)...I'm not joking! Davy Jones was my favorite on "The Monkeys".
    So sad, he is gone... 10 grandchildren...no way?! I love Project Runway and I can sew a straight line...that is it! ;D

    I can post mine on Friday! Thanks Carrie for picking me...I love stuff like this~

  8. Look for mine on my "Living Boldly" blog .. I bent the rules a bit!


  9. Lovely responses to the questions.

    Love your slip story - Its funny how that was a normal garment in my youth and yet I don't own any now. Do they still even make the skirt only ones?

  10. Fun, what a neat idea = plural :)

  11. Hi Carrie, well it is nice to read your answers, thanks for playing and for all your awesome comments at my blog. I was afraid to tag people because something like this does take time (and some people are just shy) but I look forward to reading other peoples answers. Thanks for sharing your wonderful poetry with us but more importantly, for just sharing the truly kind and positive person you are.

  12. I had fun with this...TWICE! thank-you;)

  13. Thank you everyone....for stopping by and participating....i look forward to reading your posts and more about you. Thank you Bob for including me in the fun! :-)

  14. Ten grandchildren! You have double the number I have. I enjoy tennis shoes too, but they loose out to Tevas and Crocs! Enjoyed your answers.


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