Through Human Eyes

"Faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase." 
 ~Martin Luther King, Jr.

This vessel that has been crafted so immaculately by the hands of God
has certain limitations that I am certain are for a higher purpose.
If we could all see as angels see and touch their wings with our own two hands
we would not have the opportunity to learn of faith and relying on God' instruction.
For that reason, we are limited in this life.  Our human eyes do not see all that passes before us or stands at our side.  We must learn our way like the blind venture forward reaching our hands outward in faith touching the unknown as we pass.  All the while leaning on the guidance of something greater than ourselves.


  1. There are no limits to what God can accomplish. Faith can help us stay in touch with that power. Thanks for taking part in Poetry Jam, Carrie!!

  2. You write with such purpose ... always. This is lovely Carrie.

  3. Wonderful and so empowering and encouraging too. Amen sister!

  4. Thank you for sharing encouraging words Carrie. Blessings.

  5. This is a beautiful and uplifting message. Thanks for sharing this ~

  6. lot of truth in this...esp the last 3 lines or so on finding our way...and who we choose to listen to...

  7. Thank-you...thank-you. How easy it is to want to see what we hope for, not merely the 'substance of things hoped for' and the 'evidence of things not seen'. I needed this reminder tonight.

    God Bless~

  8. Yes, keep the faith! Always. Lovely. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I am glad you took the chance to approach the question of why there are limits! Excellent! And I like your thoughts on the answer as well.

  10. I. Loved. This. You described our journey while here well while explaining the necessary distinction - we walk by faith because we're meant to .


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