Texas To Montana

"The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart."  ~Elisabeth Foley

Poetry Jam "Connections" Prompt

There is a mighty tenderness in friendship at the age of 10 years old.
A bond that cannot be broken by time, distance, nor foe.
In the beginning we were inseperable with laughter at our side,
yet as time went by the space between us grew more open wide.
One moved to Montana and the other in Texas always stayed.
So letters became our communication, and for the mail man we would wait.
Now many years have passed since the days that we were close on the map,
yet everytime we speak by telephone it is as if no time has ever passed.

I still conssider my best friend from 5th grade to be my best friend now.  Amazingly, we have spent most of our friendship apart, living in different towns, and sometimes far off states.  We actually only spent the equivalent of 2 years nearby each other, but the magnitude of the friendship made during that time has carried us through the distance.  The prompt this week is about connections and how they impact our lives.  It made me think of this wonderful relationship, that has been a powerful connection.  It has survived the erosion of time,and the vastness of distance.  We have both changed and grown in different walks of life, yet we have never grown apart when it comes to the matters of the heart, and that is the greatest connection of all.

Christine and Carrie


  1. This made me cry because my "no matter what person" is someone I see only a couple times per year...if I'm lucky. We have lived only about 6 years of our almost 20-year friendship in the same place. It doesn't matter; she's still part of my everyday life (thanks to the phone). I'm excited about responding to this prompt, but for a different reason. I'm glad for your BFF, Carrie!

  2. that is so cool...i still have a few friends from back then...and i still keep in touch...actually was texting last night with one of them...haggling me over the game...ha...just like old times...

  3. Carrie, it is wonderful have made such a good friend at age 10 that you have remained friends through the many years afterward. You both must be wonderful communicators and 'connectors.' You are both very lucky to have such a friendship. You should try talking to each other by Skype. I do this sometime with an Aussie friend! Thanks for connecting at Poetry Jam.

  4. Carrie, we have this in common. My best friend from the age of six is someone whose friendship I still cherish. I just spent four days with her in Phoenix!!!

  5. Aww that's so sweet that your friendship endures through time and distance. I, too, have a best friend from childhood who lives in another country. Yet we're still very close. Thanks for sharing :)

  6. It is wonderful to find that friends from High School are still friends now....Sometimes the friends from that time are even better friends now! Connections forever.

  7. I love that bond of connection....yes, thank goodness for the internet and email now...we still keep in touch with friends ~

    Happy day to you~

  8. I agree completely. The most amazing bonds are forged, that we do not always appreciate at the time of forging.

  9. I have one very special friend like this, too. Her name is Erin and she's is one of the good ones.

    LOVE the photo of the mailbox!

  10. Awesome! I've had the same best friend since I am eleven and we are like sisters :)

  11. True friendship forges its own links stronger than steel...

  12. ah- that's exactly how my dear friend Judy and I are- we've known each other now for almost 60 yers and the same deep connection remains-and now our sweet husbands enjoy their own friendship even tho we are hundreds of miles apart.

  13. Carrie this is beautiful! I'm so glad you shared this with us~ How amazing, for you both! :D

  14. And now it is SO much easier to stay connected with FB and such things. I LOVE the top photo - there is something wonderful about receiving a physical letter in the mailbox!

  15. Nice blog. You might like this poem about matters of the heart. http://caroleschatter.blogspot.co.nz/2011/11/marge-piercy-poem-that-appealed-to-me.html


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