Capturing Freedom

This week at Poetry Jam the prompt is to create and share a Anaphora poem.
An Anaphora is "the repetition of a word or expression several times within a clause or within a paragraph".
This is my attempt at one:

Freedom cannot be captured like a bird with tattered wing,
yet freedom can be embraced with voices that proudly sing.
Freedom will not be held down like a victim in the street,
yet freedom will lie comfortably where two hearts humbly meet.
Freedom is a nomad that never sits still in one place,
yet freedom is a placid pool unwavered by wind's change.
Freedom knows no boundaries, like barbed wire and skin's slice,
yet freedom has a grasp that pulls deep, like the moon does to the tide.


  1. Carrie, great capture.... freedom is everything....wonderful lines :)

  2. Carrie, thank you for 'jamming' with us. Gosh, you have captured so much of 'freedom' in your poem. Your poem is deep....and resonates.

  3. I love the contrasts here... freedom is everything.

  4. nice carrie...some really great lines in this...and some nice contrasts as def captured freedom....

  5. Good exploration of hte paradoxical nature of freedom. I especially like that it cannot be "held down like a victim in the street/"

  6. I like it - & for some reason it reminds me of the poem that I wrote for the Jam this week. Maybe it says it a little more clearly even :)

  7. Freedom is everything that we missed. I love the contrasts you depicted in succeeding lines. Great write Carrie!



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