Into His Arms

"God loves each of us as if there were only one of us." ~St. Augustine

Like a caged bird
 hope was not meant to be contained
it must be set free with wings full in flight
we can hold it within our arms
 but we must be willing to let it go
so that another may receive it upon their hand
it is a contagious cure that spreads to those in sight
but we must be open with outstretched hands
not curled up in the fetal position with only ourselves to hold
we need something greater than us
to guide us through this life
so reach out your hands
open up your arms
 embrace it's genuine gift
like a child running into her father's arms.

At church this Sunday I got my grandson out of the nursery, and was holding him when his daddy got into view.  His face began to beam.  I set him upon his feet, and he immediately ran whole heartedly into his daddy's arms.  I could not help but think about how that is for God.  How He must want us to run into His arms as well, but so many times we reluctantly scan our options holding on to our own understanding and search for meaning in all the wrong ways.  He does not want us to merely come to Him in a manner of caution, or last resort.  He wants us to run into His arms like an eager child longing for our Daddy's embrace. We can learn so much from the earnest love of a child.


  1. Like a flower unfurls so must we to bloom fully.
    I think that's what I'm hearing.

  2. Yes this is a constrained and contained image! and I think you are absolutely right 'take' in your poem.

  3. Sometimes We have to cut the ties that bind us before we can open our arms

  4. Beautiful as always, Carrie. One of my recent (and hard) lessons was that--when we are in crisis mode--we don't necessarily want to run to God. We don't necessarily want to say things to Him (through prayer) or hear things from Him (via His Word). But--even if we have to force ourselves--we need to pray and read the Bible. If we don't, we block God's means of helping us.

  5. what a lovely image in your words

  6. Carrie, I love the way you speak from the hesrt always and see, simply what we all overlooked.
    Thank you for being there. Always.
    If I am the storyteller, you are most certainly, the hope whisperer.

    And a whisper is all it takes.

  7. we need someone greater than us to guide us through this true that is...

  8. The image is rather like a caged bird. I hope she can come uncurled and stretch. And thanks for the St. Augustine quote...a beautiful one I'd forgotten.

  9. but we must be open with outstretched hands not curled up in the fetal position with only ourselves to hold...beautiful. We should run with our arms open to hope...Love your song playing...

  10. And like a child, our arms can never encircle completely our Father's abounding love, but we are filled and overrunning.

  11. ..a most sincere read Carrie... your words and thoughts are always a blessing to us... glad i stopped-by my friend.

    Brightest blessings to you and your family!!!(:


  12. Carrie, your words speak truth...and yes, we should all follow the example of your grandson and run in the RIGHT direction!

  13. I agree, I like the poem, you capture hope in a very tangible way.

  14. .. and isn't it wonderful we can have 'hope' even in the darkest of places? Nice one Carrie.

  15. Dear Carrie: Very beautiful this poem as is the ability to "let go" and trust God. Children know this lesson adults, at times, seemed to have forgotten. Enjoyed immensely~!

  16. Wonderful and wonderfully written. ♥

  17. when we put that greatness before ourselves, then we find true contentment as though we are in His arms all the time, this was beautiful writing, and the side note made me smile today

  18. It's a beautiful vision - the running into trusted and beloved arms. A joy to read, Carrie!

  19. I too have pondered at how He longs for us to run to Him just as your little grandson ran towards his daddy...face abeaming with total confidence that he was loved and fully accepted.

    Beautiful thoughts you share.......


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