River, Marina Moevs, 2005

"There is a way that nature speaks, that land speaks. Most of the time we are simply not patient enough, quiet enough to pay attention to the story."  ~Linda Hogan

Can you hear it?
Its not a siren in the streets,
nor the click of high heels upon your feet.

Can you now?
Its not the swish of sales bags in your arms,
nor the clatter of rushing grocery carts.

Try again!
Its not your Apple iPhone's latest ring,
nor the latest news on your T.V..

Have you never tried?
Its not the lawn mower 2 doors down,
nor the passing train's lonely sound. is the story that God loudly speaks
in the lovely quiet of nature's peace.

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  1. God gave us sight and a lovely view, so that we can stop and wonder at the marvel of it all.

    You are right Carrie, we must pause to listen to the unspoken story that continues to unfold.

  2. " is the story that God loudly speaks
    in the lovely quiet of nature's peace."

    I don’t quite understand it, but as I read those words this morning they struck me as some of the most beautiful lines I have ever read…Thank you!

  3. Whisper, Hush, Carrie .. they fit together well.

  4. So touching in its wisdom..indeed, the true voice is always there! Thank you...

  5. Quiet and thoughtful and a pleasant read.

  6. amen Carrie- I know I am older than the 20 somethings, but "really?" can they not unplug to hear the silence of nature?
    Thanks for your always nice comments!
    Happy New Year!

  7. nice...sounds a bit like eugene his take on the vivid...i am listening...

  8. is the story that God loudly speaks
    in the lovely quiet of nature's peace.....this is a perfect ending!

  9. Cool :o) ...and his voice was a gentle whisper (bad paraphrase) Love it Carrie.

  10. Stunning, Carrie! Love your words.

  11. Interesting expression of nature:)

  12. I loved this! I propose it as an anthem for our times. "Never lose an opportunity of seeing (or hearing!) anything beautiful, for beauty is God's handwriting." -- Ralph Waldo Emerson

  13. Ah, for the quiet to hear God speak through the natural world and for the ears to truly listen. This is a lovely piece!

  14. I like the new formatting you are using. Its very unique. Great message too. :) I often feel stronger in the silence of nature than I do anywhere else.

  15. So true--what richness the silence brings, if we just stop to listen. Thank you.

  16. I could listen to that scene all day--
    if the dryer would stop beeping.

  17. yeah i can hear the whisper from the god through this imagery. nice poem

  18. That is beautiful! Silence is an oft neglected necessity!


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