Complacency Is A Cowardly Sailor

Image by Mostafa Habibi

"A ship in harbor is safe - but that is not what ships are for."  ~John A. Shedd

A place that becomes too comfortable to move forward
is actually a very dangerous place to be.
For the longer you remain inside it's stead,
the tougher it is to escape the hold it has on you.
It is a deceptive theif whose sand will only sink you wear you stand.
What you thought was safety, was in reality a slow demise.
So take hold of some faith and take a couple steps out where it leads.
What do you have to loose? 
Maybe some sand in your knickers?


  1. We sometimes sit in the quicksand of complacency..your poem a wonderful warning that is not a place we should reside in

  2. Very nicely penned, Carrie. Truly sometimes we have to move out of our comfort zone if we are to walk forward. I liked your interpretation of the picture very much.

  3. lol - I like the whimsical twist at the end. very good, Carrie.

  4. Great perspective on living life to the fullest, Ms. Carrie!

  5. very true your opening....that is the place that scares me...i avoid it like the plague

  6. Carrie, your walk of Faith that you regularly reflect in your words is great encouragement and motivation. Press on!

  7. What you thought was safety, was in reality a slow demise.

    Dear Carrie,

    I have contemplating on this notion a lot lately...

  8. Carrie I like this piece very much - the words hold a lot of special meaning for me. Thank you for posting it.

  9. It is so difficult to move from our comfort zones and brave the new, the unknown is a different story altogether...very well said.

  10. Awesome, Carrie! Such a wise message.

  11. wow, very nice, love the wisdom it holds.

  12. Thank you everyone for taking the time to stop by....this one holds a special truth for me in my life as well....always look forward to seeing what the prompts pull up in everyone's writing!

  13. So true, complacency is not a good thing

  14. Comfort is one thing and quite desirable, complacency is quite another and not to be sought.

  15. Hello Carrie,

    Very strong words and food for thought.
    I suppose it means that we may have to be brave and make that move, into the unknown....
    Leaving our comfort zone.

    Best wishes, Eileen

  16. Maybe some sand in your knickers....I love that line. Thank you for joining my site!


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