Where Hope Abides

Photograph by Dorthea Lang

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"Hope never abandons you, you abandon it."  ~George Weinberg

There is no place that it does not breathe
it can survive in a cardboard box
a lion's cage
 a train wreck
a coal mine
yet there is a hunger in it's belly
that yearns to be held whole
it will travel far
or it will hold still
like a photo
it's greatest strength
is where our weakness abides
in the time of need
it lingers
yet like a ghost
you may not see it unless
you are looking with your heart's eye.


  1. I really love the way you scribble these lines, they are amazing!

  2. I'm going to be teaching about hope in my Sunday school class in a few months. Is it ok if I print this out to share with the women in my class (giving you credit, of course)? Beautiful.

  3. P.S. You are really on a roll, lately!

  4. I think that it's always with the "heart's eye" that we see the truth..I'm so moved by your words, your artistry..thanks!!

  5. Thank you One Life for taking the time to read it...:-)

    Oh Brandee of course you can share it....i consider that an honor....thank you for all your wonderful encouragment!!:-)

    I agree Lyn...the hearts eye is always where the truth is....thank you so much for your wonderful compliment....you all have made my day. :-)

  6. Love the pic you chose to go with these deep words. Hope is a line so fragile or so strong- one never knows.

  7. Thank you Dulce....for stopping by....hope all is going well for you. :-)

  8. It really is true that you have to use your heart's eye to see hope. Nice!

  9. Thank you Bug...so glad you stopped by. :-)

  10. Looking with your heart's eye...yes. Thank you.

  11. "The longest journey is from the head
    to the heart" and hope can rebound!

  12. nice...the contrast between our hopes and reality is nice...and is often over shadowed by that rumbling belly...but your close is perfect carrie

  13. your words paint strong imagery here.

    way to go.

  14. Really strong, Carrie, personifying hope as a living being in those powerful images. (An editor's remark here: Correct the spelling in your first line to the proper verb form "breathe" instead of the noun "breath") That wonderful line about hope being strongest when we're at our weakest... lots of wisdom in that profound contrast. Thank you for this.

  15. Thank you Chris....i need an editor with me every step of the way....thank you so much for stopping by....i so enjoyed this prompt and your wonderful contribution. I am one of your biggest fans. :-)

    Thank you everyone for your comments and feedback...i really have enjoyed this prompt and reading everyone's writing. :-)

  16. it's greatest strength
    is where our weakness abides

    Very insightful and well said.

  17. Thank you Margaret for taking the time to read it....hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  18. absolutely beautiful, Carrie. Your description of hope is exact :)


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