A Different Kind of Hunger

"The hunger for love is much more difficult to remove than the hunger for bread."
~Mother Teresa

I have always searched for hope
like a child for an open hand
awkwardly reaching out
in grace and then clasping on tightly
knowing it was mine to hold

I still long for its embrace now
tender like a man longs for a woman's touch
and no matter how much a comfort it is
the longing will never cease

Certainly I shall always
feel this hunger
like the deprived hope once more for a full plate
something they can take in
and make full what once was empty
yes I know that craving indeed


  1. Stunning!

    And that hunger that He creates and creates and creates can only be filled with more of Him!

    These words blessed my socks off today!

  2. Fabulous entry Carrie!

  3. Hope whispers .... beautifully.

  4. True and nice.Come on hope,hug us tight!!!

  5. Absolutely beautiful.......you have a tremendous talent Carrie.

  6. "I have always searched for hope
    like a child for an open hand"
    A very strong image Carrie and carried through this very appealing poem.

  7. smiles. yes i have that craving as well....

    spilling salt...

  8. Also I join all us who crave...and then, as we all know, "Ya gotta give a little..."


  9. How lovely! Strong imagery and eloquent words!

  10. Carrie, searching for hope is such a positive thing. Oh that it was always rewarded. Beautiful poetry.

  11. Lovely, Carrie. Especially those first two lines.

    Love the new blog look, too!

  12. This is beautiful poetry indeed. Such a simple thing is hope yet how complex when the layers are peeled away. Terrific write.

  13. I agree, complex, multi-layered! Really loved it~

  14. Lonliness is so sad and it manifests itself in so many different ways. Beautiful post.

  15. Wow Carrie ... love your new look blog .. it really pops, it's beautiful!
    Such a eloquently written poem .. I feel the words! Beautiful read!

  16. The power of Mother Theresa's words will be with me all day. Thank you for that.
    Your words have set up an empathetic echo in my heart, because every one is true.

  17. 'I have always searched for hope
    like a child for an open hand' Fantastic opening lines, absolutely beautiful and a wonderful poem.

    If you are in the mood you should join the Poetry Bus this week @

  18. Carrie, this is brilliant, and reflects a longing we all feel. Yes, "we live in hope", words I say more often than any other!!!!!!! I love this poem! And your site has an awesome new look:)

  19. this is stunning. I feel so much more hopeful and rejuvenated each time i come here. :)

  20. Of faith, hope and love, I've always felt the greatest is hope.

  21. lovely poem- so truly written from the heart.

  22. very nice.

    --Terrace Crawford

  23. Craving for hope but of course you whisper of Hopes- hopes is what we should never ever lose
    Great post, Carrie!

  24. Without hope, I will die. And I've learned, though I am a little cynical, that hope is something I must work for, keeping my eyes wide open, willing to see the goodness and the possibility in the world around me. You crave hope, are hungry for it. If you are like me, you will look for it, and you will find it, when you search with all your heart.

  25. Hello Carrie,
    Very sincere words with a great depth to them. I hope that support and hope can be found along the way.

    All good wishes, Eileen

    PS: Carrie, Thank you for your very kind words left at The Life of a Poet Interview.
    I always appreciate your words and support.

  26. Beautiful poem, Carrie. Hope is a powerful thing.

  27. Oh Carrie I am missing you....hope all is well....blessings..bkm

  28. A hunger for hope...I never thought to think of it like that. I was just thinking how something is absent from my life...it's hope. I need to hunger after it....

  29. I love your poem. It gives me hope. God bless you.

  30. I had surgery on my knee a week and a half ago....so i have not been on line....thank you so much for all your wonderful comments...you all are a blessing to me! :-)

  31. I know I'm weighing in late -- just came your way through Kerry's Sky Lover blog ... Such a wonderful poem here, so simply and gently naming that big hunger -- God hunger, love hunger -- is forever unsated. Maybe the infant's need to "make full what was empty" becomes hard-wiring, rocks in the streambed which we'll never get beyond needing to be quit of hunger once and forever.. - Brendan

  32. oh friend... i long for this hope, for you... and i wept when i read your comment about your son. i'm going to spend today praying for him. so much love to you. xoxo

  33. Thank you Bee, and Brendan for your encouragment, and Emily your prayers are very needed and appreciated...you are a dear friend...thank you!

  34. I really love this poem. It's beautiful!

  35. One thing we can be sure of is hope never disappoints.

    Lovely sentiments, Carrie.

    Thanks for following my blog, I'm now following too.


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