The Glorious Pirate

She is a giving goddess and yet she is a thief
 exploring her horizon she will mightily spreads her wings
claiming all she touches and enlightening what holds her
she is a true paradox that no poetics can defer
she has a furious dance but never breaths a sigh
for all her truth unfolds on the kindling of a lie.


  1. Oh before I even comment on the poem Carrie...I have to say I absolutely love your new look....oh please do not change the colors and the is so alive...and the poem reveals the poetic fire that the new you expresses.....blessings...bkm

  2. I like the paradoxical attribute you refer here. I actually believe this is what guarantees balance in life. =)

    Carrie, thanks for such sweet comment left on my blog, and also for following me. I'm following you back and have included you on my blogroll so I can always show up whenever you have a new poem.


    Take care and keep smiling.

  3. Carrie what a beautiful piece. Poetic fire!
    I also love the new look!

  4. This is excellent, Carrie. And I must say I love the new look too!

    Thank you for dropping my blog and commenting. It's good to see you.

  5. this is super excellent Carrie... and this new layout and the header is absolutely beautiful!!

    Have a beautiful evening...

  6. "claiming all she touches and enlightening what holds her"

    Exactly so. So interestingly done, Carrie.

  7. Hi Carrie, your new layout is beautiful!

    This latest piece on (Fire), is on fire. Your last line "for all her truth unfolds on the kindling of a lie" is genius.

  8. A brilliantly written poem, one of my faves of yours, Carrie. And I LOVE your new look! Very striking!

  9. Carrie, thanks for dropping by my space and I am so delighted to have found yours. Love the image of the Goddess on fire. Passion and poetry, any creativity, must kindle the fire within warming not just self, but the world we inhabit,


  10. I love the 'new look' of your blog, Carrie. It's stunning. Your poem is such a different take on the theme. I love it!

  11. The Fire Goddess....lovely words and very thought provoking...I'm glad I dropped by xo

  12. Life trust? Sort of Aries, very fire!! And I do love your stunning header...

  13. Wow Carrie,
    This is wonderful; I love the lines, "she has a furious dance but never breaths a sigh
    for all her truth unfolds on the kindling of a lie", so much beauty and sadness in this poem!
    Love this one~

    Love the look of your blog, so stunning!

  14. Carrie,
    I really liked your words associated with fire. A strong poetic warning!

    Your new blog design is superb.

    Best wishes, Eileen

  15. I really enjoyed this prompt and reading everyone's poems....thank you so much everyone for you wonderful compliments...what a encourment you all are to me...thank you! Happy Monday everyone! :-)


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