To the soil that calls the rainforest home a small shower alone would never be quenching
but to the open desert sand that would surely be plenty.

To the roaming cheetah who has never had company at a meal
to have to share a small kill he would surely be stingy,
but to the lioness who has always had to share the meal that would surely be plenty.

To the man whose pockets have always been full, for him half full would be half empty,
but to the man whose pockets have always been bare that would surely be plenty.

To the woman whose wardrobe is high in style and quantity, two plain dresses would be an atrocity,
but to the woman who has no wardrobe that would surely be plenty.

To the one whose experience in dining has been rich and exquisite, bread and water would be no delicacy,
but to the one who has felt starvation that would surely be plenty.

To the heart that has no trust in God, facing a loss would leave it hopeless and empty,
but to the heart that trusts in God for it's hope, through the loss, there will surely be plenty.

For Georgia...a gracious lady who has surely taught me plenty. :-)


  1. Beautiful dedication to such manifestations of life...

  2. Carrie thank you for sharing another great poem. You have that knack of capturing life and putting it on paper. This poem is a lesson we should all learn from. How often do I not realize what I have? Too Often. Thanks for making me ponder.

  3. Yes Carrie, a gentle reminder of the relevance of perspective from a gentle soul. We hear you.

    I once said to my son who seemed to have no idea of the concept of budgetting and was complainng about being broke.
    "The difference between happiness and unhappiness is two dollars."
    Of course he laughed and asked what I was getting at. I said,
    "If you spend a dollar less than you earn you're happy. If you spend a dollar more than you earn, you're unhappy. As I said, the differenc is only two doallars!' Sadly it changed nothing and he still has nothing but that is his choice.

  4. Hi Dulce it is wonderful to see you stop by...hope you are having a awesome weekend! :-)

    Robert I am glad you liked it...i wrote this many years ago Georgia is my ex-mother in law...a truly wonderful lady that I still keep in contact with to this day. Thank you for reading it. :-)

    Hi Stafford...i understand what you are son does understand this...but the last four years have been hard due to the drug problem....he is doing so much better now...his twisted thinking has gradually gone away...he is facing the music and feeling the pains of regret...trying to get his life back in order...
    i think i can truly thank him for my full head of grey hair...sometimes i feel like i have survived a horrific accident and have been trying to recover for a long time...his pain has always been mine as well....but we both have survived. :-)

  5. For that heart that trusts in God is blessed even when no blessings can be seen to the non-believing eye.

    This was wonderful!

  6. oh carrie... the half-glass-full has taken on new meaning... and i needed this, in a week seeming so dark... God is there. you teach me this. your faith is so bright, friend. and thank you, thank you, for praying... all my love to you. e.

  7. Thank you for reading it and inviting me Emily it has been such a blessing...i will pray, and pray! :-)

    Thank you Hisfirefly for your words of wisdom.

  8. Carrie I loved reading this and it is so true 'Gratitude' for what we have is so important because as you have so eloquently written in this beautiful poem of plenty, is that there are other beautiful spirits in this world for whom life has not been so kind. Lovely!

  9. Hi Katherine thank you so much for reading it...your observation is beautiful...:-)

  10. Thanks for the reminder to look for the gifts of His grace in my life.

    And thanks for your always encouraging comments!

  11. Thank you Leslie for all your encouragment at my are a blessing! I have found so many wonderful souls here on has been such a beautiful gift! :-)

  12. Delicate and heartfelt...

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