A Garden of Kisses

At first sight there is a genuine spark
it is the light of joy
that comes from true love and adoration
she rushes forward to plop in my arms
like the exhilerating splash of cool water
planting a million wonderful
grandaughter kisses all over my face
her love is so big it lights up the room
and fills my heart.

I tried to explain to my son one time the magnitude of love a grandparent feels for their grandchildren, and this was the only way I knew how to explain it to him:
"they are your special someone's little special someone, and that is what makes them so wonderfully special and precious to a grandparent."
Someday he will completely understand. :-)

Kristen was only a few months old in this photo...she is 4 years old now.


  1. What a beautiful poem. As another grandmother, I completely understand!

  2. A very intriguing and poignant poem. We so enjoy our grandchildren, don't we?

  3. a garden of kisses, my they forever bloom for all grandparents...and loved ones...bkm

  4. Precious child. Sweet poem... someday your granddaughter will read this and delight in it.

  5. Dear Carrie,
    It is the gift of families. And grandchildren too love that special unconditional love.

    This is the picture of a blessed life.

  6. Oh, is she CUTE or what?!? I am not a grandmother, though my son may change that one day. I hope he does. I would love to have a grandchild, especially a granddaughter, as girls are scarce in our family.

    Oh yes, the poem, lol. It's perfect. Is that picture by Sandra Kuck? It looks like her work.

  7. Thank you everyone...i really enjoyed doing this one...it was near and dear to my heart....hope you all have a wonderful weekend! :-)

  8. Carrie a garden of kisses!
    How nice! I am still waiting for a grandchild!

  9. romantic kisses,
    beautiful job!

  10. Thank you Pamela nd Jingle for reading it...Pamela i hope you have the opportunity to experience it one day....it is aweosme being a grandparent! :-)

  11. beautiful photos and words. I see this sentiment in my childrens' grandparents' eyes, too. A special kind of love there appears to be between a grandparent and a grandchild. Just another one of God's precious gifts. Hope you are doing well, Carrie.

  12. You are so sweet Marie, your support and encouragment means so much to me. Thank you for being such an inspiration to so many! :-)

  13. I see all my 10 grandchildren except one (who lives in England but facebooks regularly) less than I would like due to distance. There is a special closeness we can offer them that many parents feel unable to give because of some percieved need for diatance to maintain discipline. Lovely poem and pictures...seems no problem between dad and daughter here... you just might have had something to do with that! :-)

    Do you think Helen should wear red to the ball?

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    Thanks for the attention.
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    Happy Wednesday!

  15. Hey Stafford glad you stopped by....we have the same number of grandchildren! They are such a blessing! I will stop by your blog and give you my answer in regards to Helen's attire. :-)

    Thank you Jingle for inviting me...you are so sweet...i will definitely check out Thursday Poets Rally. :-)

  16. Being 'Woonie' fills my heart with unspeakable joy! (thanks for the red vote)


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