The Use of Big Words





  1. Big words indeed but the biggest is FORGIVENESS

    Great piece. Like the new blog look

  2. Thank you are right, and it can be the hardest sometimes...especially when it is to forgive ourselves. I am glad you like the new look...i felt like moving the furniture...:-)

  3. Indeed, forgiveness is the hardest thing to do. Beautiful, poignant post, Carrie. The new layout is great too, I love the Sandburg quote :)

  4. Sam I love the quote as well...thank you for stopping by. :-)

  5. carrie, i love your new look! and your post is beautiful! i am the queen of choosing my own way but thank God, He forgives...He knows genuine repentance!! i shudder when i think of where i would be right now if not for the hope i have in Christ :)

  6. Sheri i am the queen of that choice as well....i have made so many mistakes in my life...if i could collect them and they were worth money i would be rich....:-) Yes, we all need the hope of Christ in our lives. I am so glad you stopped by. I hope you are having a awesome day. :-)

  7. The ending puts everything right. We sure need to do that!

  8. Big words, indeed, and heavy with consequences. Except for forgiveness. The consequences of this one are all good.

  9. Hi Carrie, I was just pondering a similar thought myself. I really like the one word lines ending in the most important word of all, very nice.

  10. this is so strange. I needed to read this...and just the way you wrote it. Thank you.

  11. Each word conveys a wealth of connotations - all thought-provoking.

  12. 'i have made so many mistakes in my life'. Are you surprised? I noted your 'smilie' and am smiling at you with warm affection while I write this but unless you want to 'follw orders' like a cloistered nun, which could be a really really big mistake (ha ha), mistakes are the errors of 'trial and error'!

    Actually, my science professor insisted there was no error, just a trial that yielded a negative result from which we learn. So while I read your 'poem' I thought of looking at the negatives through binoculars the 'wrong way around' so they shrink, just as you presented 'love' through a magnifying glass.

    Even the value of 'forgiveness', (I suspect) should attract scrutiny in this sense. Mistakes made in ignorance from which we learn may be better dealt with through tolerance and understanding of the process of learning. That concept removes resentment of a 'wrong' and the negativity of guilt. Of course it only works in an ambience of trust and openness! Definitely an adult arena.(Did you really mean...? I really regret causing....) Dialogue that happens with presumption of LOVE.

    What a subject for debate this could be!!!

    By the way, love your new 'avatar' pic! LOL.

  13. I truly do understand what you are saying Stafford...i to have made so many greatest lessons have been learned that way....and in a perfect world tolerance and understanding would be sufficient, but then we would not need them...trying to grasp that thought is mind It is always a joy to see you stop by...i hope you have a weekend as awesome as you are! :-)

  14. Thank you Connie,Lydia,Bob,Sarah, and Kerry for stopping by...i have been really enjoying all of your blogs,and am grateful you stopped by to read mine. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

  15. Thank you for your kind words on my blog.

    You certainly have found some 'big' words here, 'forgiving' is often such a trite concept nowadays, and usually implies that the one forgiving is in the right; I like understanding which brings its own form of forgiving.

  16. Thank you Friko I have really enjoyed reading your blog, and am happy to see you here. :-)

    Hi Steiviewren hope you have a great weekend! :-)

  17. That's the sequence, isn't it? Guilty, repent, foregiveness.. to give, to get! can only hope!


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