The Sound The Moon Makes

There is a sound the moon makes when it takes up a fool's eyes.
It is louder than a train wreck, yet quieter than a cry.

There is a sound the moon makes when it is in a child's view.
It is louder than a herd of elephants, yet smoother than a flute.

There is a sound the moon makes when it fills a lover's sky.
It is louder than Beethoven, yet softer than a sigh.


  1. Luna thoughts that vast expanse of moon when it's full - very haunting.
    I really loved reading this piece

  2. Thank you Gwei your words are always encouraging to me...a great start for my Monday. Hope you have a great week...:-)

  3. Lush, gorgeous....this is exquisite. It has an almost lullabye feel to it. Thank you for sharing it. ~Brenda

  4. An excellently crafted poem! Great take on the prompt!!


  5. simply gorgeous with all it's pictures floating around in my head, carrie! your words 'connect' with my heart in a way that no one else does...truly, food for my soul!

  6. I think you truly captured the almost inexplainable effect that the moon has on us during various experiences. I particularly like the last line "louder than Beethoven, yet softer than a sigh." Great job

  7. this is great, love the music comparisons.

  8. Quite simply, quite purely: beauty in words. This is wonderful, Carrie.

  9. Thank you everyone...i am overwhelmed by your wonderful response to my prompt. I have greatly enjoyed reading everyones poetry here. :-)

  10. Oh Carrie, I just love this. It's a bit like magic...

  11. Thank you are so sweet. :-)

  12. Carrie I love the imagery in this piece!

  13. This is a beautiful poem and brings the photo to life! Thank you, Carrie for visiting me.

    Humble? Small world....I grew up in Spring, and visit my family in Houston and Shepherd (North of Cleveland) regularly! I look forward to reading more of your work!


  14. Wow Carrie, this is beautiful - how the emotion is explosive with sound - within our hearts and it..bkm

  15. Flaubert I am glad you stopped by to read it I really enjoyed yours. :-)

    Rick it is a small world...I have a lot of family near Cleveland in Splendora. I really love your blog, and thank you for visitiing mine. :-)

    Signed...bkm thank you for reading mine, I truly enjoyed your creative piece for the was awesome! :-)

  16. Hi Carrie, very nice, for some reason it reminds me of these Pink Floyd lyrics:

    And when the band you're in starts playing different tunes

    I'll meet you on the dark side of the moon

  17. Hey Bob, thank you for reading it...I love Pink Floyd...:-)

  18. Carrie,

    This is so deeply felt - and romantic.

    I should visit Poets United...


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