A Penny To A Child

When I was a child
rushing to play
I saw a penny sparkle
on the pavement
I picked it up
with full hands
so sure it was a wish
that would someday come true...
but somewhere between
the sparkle and fades
the cares and casualties
the grandeur and mundane
when my hands were grown
that one cent coin
slipped through
my empty hands
and fell to the pavement
so I left it gladly
too busy to pick it up.


  1. What a great statement about life and growth and how those little things that used to be so special to us become worn out and less appreciated as we go on. I speaks to me on that level of letting go. Well done.

  2. That's a sweet idea. I think many people would like to regain the immediacy of childhood: look with bright eyes on everything new and brilliant, conquer and learn of wonderful things which are mundane to the weathered adult.

    Aside: is it not interesting too that a small child, no matter how quickly enchanted by a new discovery, is ruthless in discarding a little gem or token in pursuit of the next? The disillusion of the adult merely prevents the bounce of excitement we crave to recreate.

  3. Mmmm cycles the beginning is both the end and the start. I really enjoyed the growth imbued the words so you really feel those little hands growing and losing touch literally with ... things

  4. Robin, thank you for reading it...I wrote it many years ago, when I was sitting in a laundry mat waiting for my clothes to dry looking for more change....thinking about how somewhere life had lost it's luster...and so came out my pen and paper...:-)

    I agree SharpNoir, I think many would like to regain thier childhood wonder. Thank you for reading it. :-)

    Gwei, thank you so much for reading it. Your words are always encouraging and inspirational to me. :-)

  5. Such a beautiful portrayal of what it means to grow as a person and a human, to lose those aspects of character that we are blessed with as very young children. I love how you find profound philosophy and create wonderful poetry from the real occurrences of everyday life.

  6. oh, carrie, this is exquistite!! i felt the wonder escape as if there was nothing that could be done to try and capture it. i fear this was so true of me UNTIL my first grandchild was born, and pennies on the ground were held in their lofty position again :)

  7. Sam your encouraging words are like poetry to me. I am always blessed when you stop by! :-)

    Dearest Sheri I so understand what you are saying about grandchildren! I was just thinking about that earlier today....how when my grandaughter was born it was like being reborn to love; like I finally felt utter TRUE love for the first time. Hope you are having a great week...you deserve it. :-)

  8. oh carrie, THAT'S exactly it!! i'm never felt it for another person with that kind of power of purpose! she's 15 now and has less and less to do with me, as is expected i suppose, but i miss her!! she and i love to read and we spent several months reading the 'diary of anne frank' together, she reading the left page and the right side was mine...it was magical!
    carrie, you are a wonderful person and i am so, SO glad that i know you :)

  9. http://itistimetothinkformyself.blogspot.com/2010/07/pick-one-or-two-to-share-follow-rule-no.html

    hope that you enjoy one or two awards there.
    Happy End of July!

    keep shining!

  10. oh, i think you said it all. We get too busy to remember the important things. Time to go back a bit and enjoy the wonder.

  11. Those joys we as children find so fascinating, so full of possibility and wonder; as adults are far too preoccupied to appreciated...a poem to make you think and consider the little things.

  12. wow! very b'fully said. Nice blog. Thanks for sharing.

  13. I read this poem twice and thrice and understood, how easily we forget the present the moment we let it slip from our hand, how easily we get carried away with worldly matters and forget to seek moment's pleasure.



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