A Net Full of Butterflies

Think Tank Poetry Promt #4

I can hear it in your voice, the angry words you can't forget.  A heartache's anthem is echoing over and over in your head.  But can you remember when you were just a child, it was easy to hear the magic in the song.  You could dance around all day no matter what went wrong.  Just close your eyes and try,
for a child sets anger free like a net full of butterflies.
I can see it in the tears that you never cry, you are not as strong as the shield you hide behind.  But can you remember when you were just a child, and it was easy for the tears to fall like rain.  When you were upset it was written all over your face.  Just close your eyes and try,
 for a child lets pride go like a net full of butterflies. 
I can feel it in your touch you just can't let it go.  You are holding on to the past lke a trophy of plated gold.  But can you remember when you were just a child, it was easy to forget the troubles of yesterday, leave them all behind and play the day away.  Just close your eyes and try,
for a child tells betterness goodbye like a net full of butterflies.


  1. This is such a wonderfully vivid poem. I can see myself as 5 year old squinching my eyes and trying real hard. Thank you for humoring the prompt by writing such a lovely poem. I wish that we were all like children and could forgive and forget so easily.

  2. I found this poem incredibly touching. Very relatable.

  3. I loved this poem. I really enjoyed reading the posts on your blog. I would like to invite you to come on over to my blog and check it out. God's blessings too you. Lloyd

  4. Love the new header and Oh the need for us to be childlike in various aspects of our lives.

  5. Yes the child within is all too often forgotten about or out social embarrassment bot allowed to speak. Great pieace

  6. Carrie,
    It always makes me feel good to call by your blog!

    I often refer back to happy childhood days too.

    Best wishes,

  7. Thank you all for your wonderful comments. It always makes my day to read them. I agree with you we need the forgiveness of children. :-)

  8. beautifully written Carrie...and the pictures awesome. my favorite times are playing outside with my girls...they are my best teachers..... ☺

  9. That is so true for me as well Sarah. Thank you for stopping by. :-)

  10. Beautiful poem Carrie!

    I took your advice and signed up! I posted my first poem from todays Thursday Prompt! Thank you for sharing this with me. :)

  11. ...for a child tells betterness goodbye like a net full of butterflies.

    This last line sums up the whole, beautiful poem.

    Yes, if only we could all be more like children, wouldn't our lives be so much easier.

    I really enjoyed this poem Carrie, read it 3 times over just to saviour it.

  12. Words of truth and beauty... they really touched me. You have an awesome talent in writing!

  13. I love the analogy, let free like a net full of butterflies!

  14. Thank you Alaurilee for stopping by and I am so glad that you are on Poets United now. That is awesome. Can't wait to read your poem for the promt.
    Margaret I am glad that you enjoyed the poem, that means a lot to me. :-)
    Thank you Roxy for stopping by with encouraging words. :-)
    Whitemist thank you as well for stopping by.
    Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! :-)

  15. Carrie, I loved this. It's a telling observation about how adults cannot let go of hurt, yet children are so resilient. When did we lose that trait?

  16. Hi Carrie, thanks for stopping by. I loved this poem. So true about the forgiveness. I just watched Invictus and great inspiration and also from your poem. blessings

  17. Thank you sharlittlepencil, and Queenmothermamaw for stopping by and taking the time to read it. I agree forgiveness is a trait that children resilient in. :-)

  18. oh a beautiful write...to let it go away like a child...and a child can appreciate even when toubles pile up like a net ful of butterflies...

  19. awesome!
    and heartbreaklingly true

  20. Thank you Brian and Suz for stopping by and your wonderful comments. It is appreciated very much! :-)

  21. carrie, this was extraordinary and i am so wishing that i can become that child again!!! what is it within us that holds on so tightly to pain in whatever forms it offers itself, when to live as a child brings such peace and wonder?? your words actually made me feel as if it is possible to regain what i have lost! thank (((you)))!

  22. Hi Carrie, what a beautiful poem... i love your writings.

    thanks for stopping by and for the lovely advice. i'm trying to drink plenty of fluids and soup too. you have the sweetest spirit!

    Underneath His Wrapping

  23. That's really beautiful, Carrie! I love butterflies and this brought back memories of childhood.

  24. This must be one of the most inspirational poems! Fits well with your James
    Dean quote too!

  25. Sheri I hope that you regain wonder and peace in your life you deserve it! :-)
    Ruth I hope that you are feeling better. It is no fun being sick. :-( :-)
    Thank you Connie for stopping by. I love your blog!
    Stafford I truly enjoyed your promt this week. It made me smile. Hope you all have a wonderful week! :-)

  26. Great. yeah,these days i am thinking about my childhood, and i realized that i was happy and enjoyed life with less worries. Even those thoughts inspires me now.Getting rid of the rope of kite of past is the best way to turn around the life. Nice poem.


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