Liberty Has No Saddle

A horse within her fences needs no saddle nor her reins. Galloping her own pasture holding wind's freedom within her mane.

She follows not a footstep, for each made is yet her own. Gracefully keeping her destination, though she must dance there all alone.

A horse within her fences, where the gates are closed up tight. For liberty has no saddle, yet it always has a price.


  1. Carrie,I tried to offer a comment on your poem with the line that compared your eyes with caged birds which could not go where they were meant to go. But I came back to your pony and the price of liberty, a liberty inside a fence. How that resonates throughout your work and it says something that is both sad and truthful, but like your lines about bravery of the cripple who accepts his state, there is hope of a serenity but the price is an acceptance of reality. Your poetry deserves a wider readership!

  2. Carrie, I was delighted by this soulful piece with its lilting rhyme. I don't often see those qualities juxtaposed, and it was a treat to read. Thanks!

  3. Stafford I appreciate you taking the time to read so much of my blog. I have enjoyed yours very much.
    Thank you Tonya, I hope you both have a great Thursday! :-)

  4. Beautiful poem full of truth, you are so right, liberty has not saddle. the point, I think is of being free. being free means that you stay there be choice, the fences may come down and you go around but you always come home for peace, love, nurture and lots of other things.

  5. I really like this Carrie, so many subtle things are spoken in this. It is wonderful.

  6. This is a beautiful poem, and these are my favorite lines:

    For liberty has no saddle, yet it always has a price.

    Thank you for linking THIS poem.

  7. love the way you said it,
    a few sentences, a complete story.
    It makes a lot of sense to reality...
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. Wonderful poem, with much meaning! =)


  9. I LOVE this poem, both its lilting metre, its rhyme, the perfection of its wording and its underlying meaning. FANTASTIC!


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