It is not the lecture of the chore,
but the crackling of the leaves.
Nor the explanation of the weather,
but the whisper of the breeze.
It is not the lesson of the fowl,
but the flutter of the wings.
Nor the reasoning of the notes,
but the echoe of it's ring.
It is not the description of the fire,
but the touch of the flickering flame.
Nor the statistics of the dice,
but the clatter of the game.
It is not the message of conservation,
but the rustling of planted trees in the grass.
Nor the warning of the danger,
but the sound of metal's crash.
It is not the documented construction,
but the pounding of the nails.
Nor the cheering of the race,
but the sudden fall's wail.
It is not the phonics of the sound,
but the depth of movement it will make.
Nor the voice of goodbye,
but the patter of footsteps waking away.
It is not the theory of relativity,
but the twinkling of the stars.
Nor the philosophy of humanity,
but the beating of one heart.


  1. Mmm I really like this piece - there is something intriguing about lists - on the face of they can be so trivial but if you look a little deeper -
    "Nor the voice of goodbye,
    but the patter of footsteps waking away."
    It is indeed
    "...the beating of one heart."

  2. It's the sound underlying each moment that makes the heartbeat of our lives. Nice.

  3. Thank you Gwei,Stevie,and Ruth, It is very repetivie, but it is true to my life and the lessons I have faced. I am glad you all liked it. Look forward to reading more of all of your posts. It has been such a blessing. :-)

  4. this is a goood one...the beating of a heart...

  5. Thank you Noelle and Sarah hope you both have an awesome weekend! :-)

  6. I like the rhythm. It and the words are very soothing to me. Thanks for visiting and commenting at my site. Your kind words mean a lot to me.

  7. I like the way it sort of builds up, leaving the best last: "Nor the philosophy of humanity,
    but the beating of one heart", just carried (pun intended) me to faraway realms! :)

  8. Sometimes we all need to stop for a moment and learn such lessons. Thank you for the reminder. I do like this, Carrie, very much.

  9. Ooh my!Ooh my!...
    Hmm...& u've made me remember that:
    It's not the words of a poet but arrows from the words,that pierce our hearts and wake up Our sleeping minds...
    What a poem!what a creativity!what an amazing delivery!

  10. Yes! Prose is for Philosophy, poetry is for philosophy. And this one does it so well. By the way, divorce mightn't kill, but it forces you to get out of the house! :-)

  11. I love that this poem makes you think, makes you realize that under the surface there is always something more. Usually its better. I particularly liked "Nor the cheering of the race, but the sudden fall's wail." I can see the person so close just falling at the end...you paint a realistic picture. Splendid pondering poem.

  12. Thank you everyone, I appreciate you all stopping by reading it...this one is drawn from personal experience. I have learned my best lessons the hard way. Have a wonderful Monday. :-)


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