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Imperfect Prose with Emily take a look you will be blessed.
In a perfect world, would there be an absence of mercy, grace, and compassion, for they were no longer a necessity?.......

Or possibly would it be a perfect world because they were in abundance?


  1. oh. Good question.
    I love that Mother Teresa quote.

  2. i definitely go for an abundance...because in a perfect world it would just seem right, and not needed because it was already there...nice thought provoker...

  3. I would hope it would be because they were in abundance. Makes me stop and think. Thanks.

  4. they would be embodied by each of us. we wouldn't have to try; we'd emanate these qualities. oh, how you make me hungry for heaven. this poetry sings. and the quote--mother teresa is dear to me. thank you, beautiful carrie.

  5. I think they would just be who we are...
    nicely said.

  6. Such a compelling question and the grasping of hands with Mother Teresa's quote is quite moving---makes me want to do even more to glorify His name.

  7. Thank you everyone for your wonderful thoughts and has been such an inspiration to be part of imperfect prost with Emily. :-)

  8. i want to think on the first option !!! abundance isnt good ;) Nice post.

  9. can i then bring a wee bit of redemption into my world by living with an abundance of grace, love, mercy and compassion? i aim to try.
    thank you for inspiring such thoughts. :)


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