Wednesday, October 19, 2016

I Learned to Sing

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"Everything becomes a little different as soon as it is spoken out loud."
~Hermann Hesse

You know the old saying? "Children are to be seen, and not heard.", as a child I heard that line more times than I care to admit.   There was a certain expectation then of children.  A respect that needed no words only a look that spoke volumes of dismay with one stone hard glance.   There are certain silences that move through years like time travelers, whispering in our ear and telling us what to think and what to do for years to come.  Being the daughter of the time of silence, I have spent my entire adulthood trying to be heard.  The following is my contribution to Poets United's Midweek Motif ~Conversation
Come join us! 

I learned to sing at a young age
sitting on the bus
carrying my voice 
loud and strong 
against the loud 
engine of the bus
no one was listening
only bugs that flew in 
the open window 
at my seat
it was 
a wonderful
feeling to belt out a tune
with my own voice
 for usually I
spoke too softly
to be truly heard
and it would
not have mattered
people were 
too busy 
to catch
the message
in between 
the lines
many years
had passed
a pen and paper
replaced the songs
with poems
that I shared them
 I could
and now
here I am
once again
a poem
a long

Thursday, October 13, 2016

The Mountains Speak to Me

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Linking with Imaginary Gardens for Hannah's "Transforming with Nature's Wonders" prompt.
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The Mountains Speak to Me,

Hush city
Let my heart follow where it will
to the tallest mountains and the river's rill
You see
my soul has already wed nature's call
where feet may wander and may also fall
like lonely hearts that search the shore
and always leave wanting more
no city block can fill the void
nor lure me in to it's inner noise
for I was betrothed at a tender time
to take a path that leads to a mountain pine
where the sky reins and trees abound
a place where birds follow and know the sound
can you hear it?
I can.......
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