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photo by Damien Derouene
The Mag #309
Also linking with Poets United for "Poetry Pantry" #294 hosted by Mary. I always have such a hard time making it to the pantry on Sundays, I am happy I made it here today. Spring represents promise of new things and good changes, like Mary, it is a favorite season for me as well, so I am going to make a promise to myself this spring to make it to Poetry Pantry more often

Take risks: if you win, you will be happy; if you lose, you will be wise. ~Author Unknown
I don't want to be the pawn in another man's own game nor watch another play his hand and never do the same.
Standing on the sidelines always playing it safe, afraid to get my sneakers and go out and run the race.
I long to reach out my hand and play the queen of hearts and not be frightened of losing the game before it even starts.
A poet is a thinker, a dreamer, and a dweller on the muse sometimes he gets too caught up on what another man may do..
So I shall lay down my pen a…

My Love Letter to the World

The Mag #308

A letter always seemed to me like immortality because it is the mind alone without corporeal friend.  ~Emily Dickinson

From the time I was just a little girl 
flinging my legs high into the air on the swing
my heart was writing a love letter to the world, 
and penciling in each hope and every dream.

With time the words got bigger as did my questions why,
and the lines got all filled up as the book grew ever long.
I held on to every endearment and memory like a prize,
for the message became heavier but it read more like a song.

My love letter to the world will always be an unfinished work
my thoughts and recollections that forge onward to days ahead.
For the heart of every human is a voice that could be heard
and some choose to keep it closed while others long to have it read.

This prompt is a fitting one to announce the publication of my first book:
"Butterflies and Land Mines"
Many of the poems inside were inspired by Magpie Tales.
Thank you Tess!

I would also like to thank…

The Cure for Flying Fears

Linking with Imaginary Gardens for the "Tuesday Platform" where Marian shares her anxiety for April and tackling a poem a day, and her BIG moment meeting her literary hero Michael Chabon.  I decided to share a story from long ago that I think covers both subjects; anxiety and meeting someone famous.  Although, my story also has a bit of humiliation to add to the scenario. So here we go:  Many years ago when I was in my 30's, my dear friend paid for me to fly to Ft. Worth to visit for my birthday.  I had not flown in over 10 years and my flight there was a total disaster for me.  I tried to keep my composure, but in my head I was freaking out.  All I could think about was how fast the plane was going, what a horrific death it would be if it crashed, and how I was going to give my friend a piece of mind for putting me through such torment.  She laughed when I told her about it, and being the wise and patient friend that she is, she told me that she would buy me a double …