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Torn Between Two Lovers

"Winter is on my head, but eternal spring is in my heart." ~Victor Hugo

It's the last big freeze of the season I suppose....and then it will move toward spring.  I do love the spring, but it is the fall that truly holds my heart.

My heart is torn between two lovers
the golden autumn and the budding spring

my eyes are slaves to each one's beauty
yet their vision of glory makes me a king

I follow where they lead me
down the paths of season's steady flow

as I long to capture them both completely
but like a fickle girl they always let me go

no heart can truly serve two masters
nor hold more than one lover within it's grasp

so I shall be an ever restless admirer
of two loves whose true promise I cannot have.

To Be Filled

Courtesy Google Images Linking with the wonderful folks at Poetry Jam  Isn't that what we all seek? Fulfillment? We stand here in this life like empty bottles on a shelf hoping for something good something beautiful or of substance a morsel of nourishment to fill the empty places that only something bigger can provide but we must be willing to take a step out from where we stand and be open to the blessings given if we are   truly to be filled.