Monday, April 30, 2012

Through The Eyes of God

image by Manu Pombrol

"Life is a tapestry: We are the warp; angels, the weft; God, the weaver. Only the Weaver sees the whole design."
 ~Quoted in The Angels' Little Instruction Book by Eileen Elias Freeman, 1994

We are all naked when seen through the eyes of God.
He sees through the deception he sees through the facade.

No cunning can truly fool Him with layers of disguise.
He knows when we are sincere He recognizes every lie.

All the pride we acquire grows into a heavy shroud,
that we can barely peer through yet God's eyes can get around.

Each heart an open book that God is the co-author of.
Our own personal road map that can lead us back to His love. 

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Star Out of Sky

image by Alex Stoddard

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience."
~Teilhard de Chardin

This world is but an aquarium that is the place that we now swim.
It is not the destination nor is it where we once had been.

Our time here is brief like snowflakes floating under glass,
as we glide in these waters with particles from the past.

We voyage forward within the confines of this space,
in a constant pool of learning, preparing for a better place.

Like a fish out of water......or a star out of sky,
this is not our home;
it is a stepping stone for you and I.

Saturday, April 21, 2012


When you look at your problems what do you see?
Do you see obstacles or do you see oppurtunities?

When you look at your obligations what do you see?
Do you see a chore or do you see a blessing?

When you look at your home what do you see?
Do you see clutter or do you see an abundance of things?

When you look at your bank account what do you see?
Do you see not enough or do you see plenty?

When you look at your life what do you see?
Do you see a miracle or do you see misery?

This weeks Poets United prompt is favorite quotes.  I love lots and lots of quotes as many of you know I post them frequently with my poems, but this particular quote by Einstein truly has a powerful message that applies to so many areas of our lives. 
When I look back over the years of my life, there are so many situations that at the time I did not understand why I had to go through them.  What I saw in the midst of the trial was a calamity, but the events that would later happen revealed that those problems that I had faced in the past had a purpose that affected the place I would later be.  Through those times, I have learned that what looks like a predicament can truly be a miracle in the making, and in that process I have a choice to make.  I can either see my life full of problems, or I can see it as full of oppotunities to see more miracles.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Beautiful Sheltering

Red Roofs, Marc Chagall, 1954

"Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage."
~ Lao Tzu

Love layers the strength of hope
gently upon another soul
like shingles upon a roof
building a fortress
 that no grievance can destroy
and a beauty that time cannot decay
a crafted armor that hands have never touched
only hearts have known its true embrace.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

All That We Cannot See

Linking with Poetry Jam "Mystery"

"Love is like the wind, you can't see it but you cannot feel it."
~Nicholas Sparks, A Walk To Remember

We search for proof like Sherlock Holmes,
looking at the world through a magnifying glass.

We dig like archaeologists looking for bones,
sure we will find the next great artifact.

The mystery that surrounds the world in which we live,
is greater than any astronomer's telescope can see.

No architect can calculate it's size and width,
nor scholar prove in scientific theory.

All the beliefs that fill each heart and soul,
are hard for the logical mind to truly grasp.

For all the sight our spectacles can surely know,
depends on the vision our hearts will truly have.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Birth of Opportunities

image: djajakarta

"The resurrection gives my life meaning and direction
 and the opportunity to start over
 no matter what my circumstances." 
~Robert Flatt

 From the time we take in our first breath new beginnings never end,
life is full of them like autumn leaves are to the wind.
One phase of our journey reaches a final close,
while yet another passage like a flower will open and unfold.
Each man is a pioneer in the exploration of his own path.
Every chance a gift in progress for the future from the past.
Many endings cross our way as we tread down the streets to home,
yet all the changes before us are simply new opportunities being born.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Our Place In Life,

image: ParkeHarrison

"It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home." ~Author Unknown

Twig by twig we build our world long before a boy becomes a man.
The tools that our father's father used eventually fill our hands.
All the methods our great grandfathers learned from the ones that built before,
are passed down to the next generation through trial, error and lesson's chore.
Every sinful habit, and constructive wisdom gained in the design,
are blueprints our fore fathers drafted that determine our way in life.
Yet, simply because a frame is formed and a life is completely raised,
does not mean that the lines drawn before cannot be productively erased.

Being the mother of someone in recovery, I have learned that we are all  in so many ways products of our past, and the past of our parents before us.  The way we build our lives and relationships directly affects our children and then our grand children as well.  When there is unhealthy behavior, it builds a nest of quandary that can become a pattern that others follow for years to come.  Yet, like trigs and limbs of a tree, patterns can be broken, and then removed.   We can rebuild something worthwhile from a nest that is destructive. That is the beauty of the recovery of the human spirit when it is open to the truth in this life.